Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Facebook Lost Your "Flair!"

Some of you aren't on the "New Facebook" yet, so you won't know what I'm talking about.

For everyone that likes to see the "Flair" application on other peoples pages, and now can't because of the "New Facebook" format......Fbook is working on it. Apparently, there is a TON of complaining going on about it (I heard some of it at Starbucks today).

See below for instructions, that were sent to my team manager yesterday... FJ

There will soon be an option to add a Flair tab to your profile, post flair directly onto your profile or a friend's profile, and a few other cool new features.

In the meantime, if flair is not showing on your boxes tab on the new Facebook site, follow these steps to get it back.
- Click on Pieces of Flair in your Applications menu to go to the app
- In the Applications menu, click on "Edit Pieces of Flair Settings"
- A settings box will appear
- Click on the "Profile" tab
- Next to Box, click "add"

This should put your flair back on your profile. Make sure you have also clicked on the blue "Update Profile" button in the app.

I am working on a new way to let you show off your flair on the Wall and Info sections of your profile. It will be available later this week.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Louis's and Fish Camp, are Closing...

In a sad state of affairs, Louis's has been sold to a Charleston restaurant group. Stunned....

Louis's and The Fish Camp Bar, is one of our favorite places to go at the beach. It's location, in the Pawley's Island Hammock Shops, made it easy to get to, and a fun place to hang out.

Every time we are in the Litchfield/Pawley's area, we visit Louis's more than any other place. Whether it was an after golf drink (she crab soup), late night hangin' out, nice dinner or Sunday brunch (on the way home), we loved the place. We probably have 10 of his "frosted cups" in the kitchen. I even have a couple of T-Shirts.

It seemed to be the hang out for DeB0rdieu, Litchfield and Pawley beach goers. We often saw people we knew, and loved it when "Deez Guys," or "The Ross Holmes Band" were jammin' in the gazebo beside the playground.

We've heard that it will be closed for some months, so the new owner can re-model the place.

I'm sure the new restaurant will be great, but I'm still shaking my head.

Columbia's Newest Listings

>>Click Here; July 17 - 27, 2008 Listings

Thursday, July 24, 2008

$$$ For $$$, This Is A Good One...

15 Westshire, Is For Sale...For $299,900.

This house is awesome. It has 3 BR's and 2.5 Baths, and "lives" large. Some features include hardwoods, smooth ceilings, awesome carpet upstairs, designer colors throughout, a large master suite and a great screened porch. The home sets up nicely for supper clubs and parties.

The eat-in kitchen sports white cabinets, stainless appliances, a cool island and granite slab counter tops.

"The Hamptons" is one of Columbia's most popular neighborhoods. It is packed full of newer (less than 10-20 year old) houses, that have popular floor plans, for today's entertaining families.

I must say, that if anyone out there is in the market for a house under $300K (or knows someone),...... this is probably it. When I walked in, I was impressed. If the downstairs doesn't sell it (inside and out), then the master and nursery will close the deal.

Call, email or text if you want to see inside....

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Hampton's Home" is For Sale...

5970 Hampton Leas Lane, Is For Sale...

This stately, all brick home home, is in one of Columbia's most popular neighborhoods. It boasts 3050 sq/ft, and has 3 BR's and 2.5 baths.

The home has all of the materials a fine home should have. Hardwoods, smooth ceilings, nice size den and dining room, and a large master suite. The "eat in" kitchen features black/white tile floors, a nice island and black granite counter tops. It also has a two car garage, and an incredible FROG (pictured).

There is over 500 unfinished feet in the attic, that is waiting to be sheet rocked. The 3rd floor is "floored," and stairs are already in place, to add more footage (and equity) to this fine home.

Call, email, text if you would like to see 5970 Hampton Leas Lane. This home is offered for $379,900. I'm don't know if I know of a better "in town" house, for under 400K.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Real | Team Closes 4 Houses in 2 Days

I Flew Solo, In a Very Busy Week....

The week was especially hectic, b/c my "Team Manager" was in Garden City. We got it done, though.

The easiest one, was Sylvan Dr. (not pictured). N. King's Grant Dr. was BY FAR, the most difficult. I'll bet I spent over 20 hours at that house, trying to get letters cleared up and inspection issues finished. My car was in front of Jones Andrew's house for two straight days.
As a surprise, I received an offer on 8 Derby Ct. on Thursday. It took some doing, but we ratified a contract late today. My wife waited patiently, as we were supposed to leave for Litchfield around 5:00. We finally hit the road around 7:30.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Ole' Mike here, has written himself a song. It's called "Please Don't Vote For a Democrat." He's got a neat website to go along with it, and paid for a billboard complete with the fire filled World Trade Center. Yeah, it's sooo cool. He's even made it so that you can order his new song, for about $5.00. You will get the CD in 1 - 3 weeks.

I admire this man from St. Cloud, for being passionate about America. But I gotta tell ya, this is the kind of stuff that makes for such a divisive matter what party you prefer.

I don't know if he thinks he's got a big hit, or if he thinks he's going to make a pile of money. Either way, I hope he didn't spend TOO much time playin' his guitar on top of his barn, to get it JUUUUST right.

Awful disgrace at worst, 15 minutes of fame at best. Worth it, Mike?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

2936 Stratford Rd. Hits The Market...

Forest Hills Home Has Great Curb Appeal...

This cute, brick bungalow sits on one of Columbia's most popular streets. The 1724 sq/ft. home, has 4 BR's and 2 full baths. It features hardwoods, smooth ceilings and picture frame moulding throughout the downstairs. The completely renovated kitchen sports granite slab, new cabinets, tile floor and stainless appliances.

The yard is filled with nice landscaping, picket fence, 1 car separate garage and a great screen porch for hangin' out. 2936 Stratford feeds into Satchel Ford/Crayton/Flora schools.

Please call/email/text if you would like to visit inside. The home is 5 minutes to anything downtown, and is offered for $269,900.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mike Vick ≤ a Fart In Church...

Vicks' New Number: Chapter 11...

I know we're only eight years in, but so far, this dude is pretty much the biggest waste of opportunity of the millennium. The fella with the $130 million contract, is going for bankruptcy. Awful. I can't help but shake my head.....

Wachovia is calling in $1.1 million. $2.4 to The Royal Bank of Canada. The Falcons are attempting to retrieve $3.75ish million. Should we send him a bill???

Quick Rundown: Potential Heisman Candidate at VT, Puts VT on the College Football Map, Potential NCAA National Champion, Household Name, Quarterback in "The ATL," Millionaire x 100!!!, Nike Contract, Potentially Best Athlete in the NFL...National Disgrace.

I know Vick's life story has a long way to go, BUT DAMN...!!! What a terrible waste. Wonder what he will be thinking when he turns 35, 55 and 75 years old....?"

P.S. Younger brother, Marcus Vick, was just arrested for DUI. Head shaking again...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

David Adams: "Right On The Money"...

This 5 x 7 of David Grabs Primo Spot, In Todays Metro Section...

Thanks David, for explaining where our money comes from, and where it is going. We know the Richland County's coffers are safe, with you at the helm.

Can you email me copies of the two charts beside you?

I think the idea of you blogging about your everyday dealings with the public, is a great idea. Join the blogosphere!

Starbucks Downsizes, And It's Ok..

My Real Estate Business Owes A Lot To Starbucks.

New Realtors often ask me, "How did 'you' get started?" I often respond, "I went to Starbucks." When they look at me puzzled I continue, "Then I would go to another Starbucks..." When they squint their eyes for more, I explain...."That's where the people are!" I watch the light bulb go off, almost every time...

Today, I received no less than 10 emails/Texts (so far), alerting me that our beloved Starbucks Coffee Company will be closing 600 stores, and cutting 12,000 jobs. Even I have to admit, that 1 Five Shot Venti Americano = 1 Gallon of Gas in America...

Every time I received another alert, I had to just shake my head, and show my phone to whoever was in the car with me. Of course, I had a Starbucks product in my cup holder, as we proceeded with our daily real estate "chores."

Of late, there are only a handful of phenomenons out there, that can boast that they have affected a generation, or created an entirely new "segment" of our culture. Tiger, Google, Crocks, FaceBook, RedBull, UnderArmour come to mind. Of course, Starbucks is in this group.

Howard Schultz created his vision of a "3rd place," for Americans to go between home and work. Apparently, he just built too many of them for today's economy to handle. Kudos to the company for sipping some pride, and adjusting accordingly such that it can survive for the longer haul. Apparently, some of the stores are so close together, that they are cannibalizing each other. The company deserves even more props for choosing to close stores, instead of "watering down" the product that made it great.

I know it's expensive. I know too, that Starbucks has created a meeting place for people all over Columbia, SC. The only local Starbucks store that may take a hit in my mind is the one across from Target, on Garners Ferry. All of the other stores in Columbia seem very healthy. I know I will be at one of them tomorrow.

P.S. As I was typing this, emailed me that, "Your Rewards Are Here. Now Come and Get Them." NICE!!! 5 Shot, Iced Venti Americano, or Venti Coffee!?? Hmmmmmmm....Decisions.....