Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is This Columbia or HHI? So Cool.

River, Pond, Pool & Tennis-All In One... Love It.
Of the roughly 30 homes in my listing inventory, I would probably have to rank this one as the most fun and unique. Quail Hollow Village is so unique in fact, that it may never be duplicated so close to in-town Columbia (not because of local gov't but because of FEMA).

This small neighborhood on the Saluda River just about has it all. Not only does it overlook a wide part of one of Columbia's rivers, it also offers a five acre stocked pond, and owners may opt to join the adjacent pool & tennis courts.

I couldn't believe it when I saw a pond BETWEEN the home and the river. As I just stared at the view, I couldn't help but think that it would be perfect for many of my friends.

The home is 1,870 sf with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. It has decks and screened porches all over the place and the views are just awesome.

The owner has turned the basement area into a great place to relax, and it features a workshop/tackle room, potting shed, and canoe storage. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that the design, view and ambiance remind me of Hilton Head, SC.

Call or email if you would like to see this one of a kind property. The home is offered for $309,900. There are vacant lots on the river that are priced higher than this!

Friday, March 27, 2009

BFF's Travel To New Mangia-Mangia

King's Grant & Shandon Crew Venture Out
If you're a friend of a Howie, Jones, Denemark, Stivers, Craven or Pooser on Facebook, you've seen this picture a few times already. Well...we had such a good time the other night, I thought I could at least throw it up on the blog.

A few nights ago someone suggested we hit the new Mangia-Mangia in Northeast Columbia for dinner. Apparently, it was a good night for babysitters!

I usually don't stray away from my regular spots like Mr. Friendly's, MoMo's or Za's, but it was fun to branch out to Mangia for a night.

There are three great restaurants that sprinkle the I-20 corridor of Northeast Columbia. Solstice and Travinia's are favorite's off of Clemson Rd. The new Mangia-Mangia is off of Spears Creek Church Rd. which is the immediate next exit.

With this group good stories and fun debates make for a great matter the venue.

As a side note I ordered a pizza. I'll do it again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tim Tebow's Speech Now UF Lore

Spontaneous Speech After Loss Goes Legend
Most of the SEC despises Tebow but would love to have him quarterbacking their team. Folks all over the south make fun of his jorts but think his girlfriend is gorgeous. Loathe him or love him, his career isn't even over yet and his legend is parallel to Rockne and Herschel.

The guy can obviously motivate and move his offense. Now Coach Meyer wants Tebow's words to motivate every UF offense that walks through the football gates.

Most people know the players at Notre Dame slap the locker room banner that reads "Play Like A Champion Today" and are familiar with "Frank Howard's Rock." Meyer's new plaque of Tebow's "Promise" is supposed to have the same effect.

I wonder if Tebow would have played for USC if we promised a "Jorts Day" at Williams-Brice.

From - Meyer had Tebow's speech engraved on a plaque and placed outside the front entrance to the new football facility at Florida Field. Although it might seem like a strange move since Tebow still has one year remaining with the Gators, Meyer said he didn't want to wait.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Forest Acres = Jordan Anderson Racing

Forest Acres is Jordan Anderson's 'Hood
As I was scrolling through the blogs tonight I noticed that wrote about the City of Forest Acres endorsment of Jordan Anderson Racing. When I clicked "comments" I read that one of the readers thought Fits made the story up.

Fits is correct. The story actually hit the local news last week. One of the elected officials proudly claimed Forest Acres endorsement of Jordan on the air. The man interviewed is hoping for the "Jordan Anderson Museum" in the city's future.

The sponsorship is sure to stir some debate. Forest Acres obviously sees a great financial benefit in the future.

Over the years, I've watched Jordan's race cars grow bigger and faster. The Anderson's are great friends of mine and BFF's with my family at Leon Jones Insurance, who is also a sponsor.

Good luck to Jordan and his new partnership with "A City Apart."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shandon Meets Charleston | For Sale

319 Sims Ave. in Shandon is On The Market
This two year old home has 2,470 sq.ft and features 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Nestled in the middle of Shandon, this is one of the newest in the entire neighborhood.

The floor plan in this open and ready to entertain. The kitchen is filled with granite and stainless appliances. Downstairs is the large owners suite which has granite, a double vanity, separate shower and a jacuzzi tub.

One of the upstairs rooms makes for a "man room," media room, play room or Wii room. It's a perfect upstairs den that's surrounded by the other bedrooms.

In true Charleston style the outside has double decks, one of which wraps around the back of the house.

Enjoy the luxuries of a new home like big bathrooms and closets, while living in a classic Columbia neighborhood. Call/email to visit one of Shandon's newest and best homes.

Friday, March 20, 2009

More Columbia Homes Find Buyers

Homes on Wheat St. and Park St. Are Under Contract
This week two more homes in our inventory found good buyers. Both of the properties above received offers and ended up with good contracts that were pretty close to list price.

The Park St. house is in Earlwood and was offered for $154,900. The second home pictured is a classic Shandon bungalow and has a list price of $279,900.

Congratulations to both Sellers. These transactions are good indicators that things are still moving in downtown Columbia.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA Tourney Makes March Fun

Tourney Brackets Are For Everyone
America is in love with the March Madness. Some people love it because it gives a platform for "David" to take on the Goliath's of the basketball world. Other folks glue themselves to the TV because it creates incredible pressure for the big time match ups (this is probably my favorite facet of the tourney). Having said this, I happen to think it's SO popular because almost every man, woman and child can be a part of the action via "the brackets."

Even the person who didn't witness one dunk all year still gets the chance to compete. It's fun to watch someone who knows zero about sports go crazy when one of their teams win.

College football is a little bit like politics. "Bowl season" is fun, but it's two months of arguing amongst one another. "The Tourney" is different. The brackets force folks to pick their teams on the front end and that's that. Once it's on paper (or logged in) you pull like heck for your teams.

I haven't filled out my brackets yet but I'm leaning towards (and pulling for) UNC to win it all. I hope I finish ahead of Jenna! :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

This Will Help Sell Any House!

Spiral Cellar Would Enhance Anyone's Property
This is one of the coolest things I've come across in a long time. How awesome would it be to have a "Spiral Cellar" under your house?! It would be the conversation piece of any home or restaurant.

Below is the description from . Since Ricky Mollohan is Columbia's wine expert, maybe he should put one of these at Mr. Friendly's! FJ

Ever want a wine cellar but don’t have the space or money to build one? The Spiral Cellars design/build firm will dig a hole right in whatever room you want your cellar in and haul the dirt right out the front door. In the remaining void they infill a highly functionally and visually dazzling spiral-staircase wine cellar to fit all your favorite vintages and go with your favorite funky furniture designs.

Everything is designed with function in mind but the resulting form is equally compelling - the rows of wine face you as you wind your way down the central stair. Of course, you can store more than wine down in these as well - they are a great and continuously cooled pantry extension for all kinds of beverages.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

'Class Tank' is Low for UT's Coach

UT Coach Tells USC Recruit 'He'll Be Pumping Gas'
I really don't have to write much about this situation as the story speaks for itself. Basically, Coach Kiffin told USC recruit Ashlon Jeffery that "he would end up pumping gas for the rest of his life," if he chose the Gamecocks.

Not that his "pumping gas" comments aren't enough, Coach Lane Kiffin has already been reprimanded by the SEC for accusing Urban Meyer (University of Florida) of cheating.

Since the "pumping gas" remark was made to USC recruit Ashlon Jeffery, Kiffin has since denied saying it. Oooooooo...this could be really bad. I don't know who said what but if his statement is a lie, this is going to get terrible for this Kiffin fella as we all know the cover up is often worse than the crime. Conversely, if Ashlon made the story up it's going to be pretty bad too.

Either way Kiffin needs to get professional. Everyone in sales knows about trying to get results, but there's still a high road and a low one that must be taken. Right now, it looks like Coach Kiffin sprints on the low one.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Point of Sale is Choking South Carolina

State Must Address POS Policy; Schools Suffering
This article in The State Newspaper may seem long and a little boring to most people, but the subject matter is sort of a big deal.

The POS "Point of Sale" policy that was voted on in 2006 has not only affected real estate sales, but our schools as well.

Here's the rub; When we voted for the property tax relief provision, we were largely voting for a tax break on our primary homes. Great! The plan was to replace this with a larger tax on secondary homes, investment and commercial property. To help even more, we inched up the sales tax on goods sold. Sounds wonderful!

Here's the problem. Taxes on investment property has absolutely skyrocketed. Commerce has all but halted in the commercial real estate industry and out of state investors are taking their money elsewhere. That's only one side of the story.

The other problem is that even though the sales tax on goods was increased to compensate for the property tax reduction ...No One is Buying Anything!

I have to admit I thought it was a great swap. Actually, almost all of us thought that it was a great idea for us to lower our four digit property tax as we "financed" it via purchasing a computer, tennis balls or whatever you can think of.

The logic runs far deeper than I can type about in this post. All I know is that something has to be done and soon.

Out of state investors are tearing up their sales contracts, rental properties are now "upside down" every month and some schools can't even afford substitute teachers. The entire new system has created at plethora of problems.

The reason the law is going to be so difficult to alter is because taxes on primary homes has been reduced, which we are all in favor of. Since it's obvious no one wants to change this part of the law, we're in a precarious situation.

I don't have the perfect answer, but something has to happen...quickly.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Columbia's Shady Ln. for $299,000?!

This great house sits on one of Columbia's most popular streets. Shady Ln. is a long flat street that connects the "Lake Katherine" area to the rest of the world.

This particular house has almost 2,000 sq.ft and features 3 beds and 2 full baths.
The home has hardwoods, a kitchen with granite that opens to the den and an enormous master bedroom. The large flat backyard has a nice deck and is ready to entertain kids and adults.

As attractive as the house/price is, the neighborhood is the real story. The area is perfect for walkers/bikers and the kids in the area attend popular Brennan elementary school.

Call/email for more details. The home is offered for $299,000.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gamecocks Clinch 1st Round Bye

USC Basketball Benefits From Kentucky Loss

I got an update from someone that USC officially locked up a "Bye" for the first round of the SEC tournament. Since I knew Carolina didn't play tonight, I had to do some digging.

Good luck to the Gamecocks tomorrow night against Tennessee. A bye in the tournament is great and all but an SEC Championship would be over the top, especially since this is Coach Horne's freshman year. How impressive is that!?

Rosewood Townhome Only $127,500!

3845-I Overbrook in Rosewood is For Sale
This awesome townhouse has almost 1,260 sq.ft. and 2BR/2.1Baths.

The "almost new" home is located in a popular in town Columbia neighborhood and is 5 minutes to anything downtown.

Virtually maintenance free, this Rosewood home is waiting for the perfect buyer to take advantage of USC, Midlands Tech and/or anything that has to do with 5 Points.

Call or email to see one of Columbia's best priced town homes. This one is ready to go at $127,500.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Awful Night for Weather Personalities

>Columbia News Personalities Take Brunt of Blame
Schools and businesses were closed, TV shows were interrupted, local beat reporters were sent to the outskirts of the county and the city's emergency response nerve center was all booted up. It rained.

I don't know how much the local news meteorologists but they got avalanched tonight on social media sites like Facebook.

They certainly do their own research, but I have to think that they have to rely on national weather experts for their information. Huge amounts of money must be spent to prepare for a snowstorm and enormous amounts of work hours are lost as businesses and schools are cancelled. On the other hand grocery stores are packed. After everthing is accounted for, I'm sure it's a huge net loss.

Sunday's entire 11pm news broadcast (except for a few minutes of Gamecock sports) was prepared in anticipation for the big snowstorm. It didn't happen. I feel sorry for the local "messengers" that report the news.
Columbia's kids are dissapointed but this is a good lesson in 'Safety First!'