Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I-385 Travelers=8 Months of Detours

This is Going To Be a Major Pain in the Asphalt
Since my wife's parents live in Clinton and I'm from Anderson, I was surprised that I didn't know about the massive I-385 Rehab Project until I read of it on Fits. I don't go to Anderson as much as I should, but this news is obviously gonna be a big deal in terms of familial interaction.

Weekend trips to Anderson aside, the real impact will be to interstate and intrastate commerce. Every company that runs a truck from Greenville to Columbia will have to adjust in large fashion. As South Carolina could use all of the commerce that it can attract, the timing of the project probably isn't primo.

From 385 is a 42-mile stretch of road that runs from Clinton S.C. (where it intersects I-26) and downtown Greenville, S.C. It apparently needs to be resurfaced and have six bridges replaced, which we learned from a spiffy “I-385 Rehab Project” website created by the S.C. Department of Transportation.

The project will cost $45 million.

From The Greenville News..I-385 northbound will remain closed for the entire eight-month project, and traffic will be detoured up I-26 to Spartanburg, Perry said. Southbound lanes will remain open until work is finished on the northbound side. Then crossover lanes will be installed in the medians and southbound traffic will shift onto the newly finished northbound side, he said.

Locally we've had to endure some repaving in the last few months on some of Columbia's major arteries. While the paving of Devine St. and Rosewood Dr. have certainly been an inconvenience, the finished project was worth the impermanent bumpy ride. The I-385 Project will produce the same result although it's going to be a terrible inconvenience to endure. The project will improve about 15 miles of the 42 mile Hwy.

As we all aspire for a more perfect South Carolina, we'll simply have to deal with the detours that the I-385 Project provides. As untimely as the project seems I'm sure the months of pain will produce a happy result for years to come.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Columbia's Newest Real Estate Listings

Columbia's Newest Hotsheet; Aug 21-Sept. 27, 2009
It's been over a month since the Hotsheet's been updated on blog. It looks like the last update was done when Jenn and I were hanging out in a hospital room with a brand new Finley. That's too long!

There are over 100 properties on this version. Happy clicking!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heathwood Vacant Lot For Sale

When people ask about vacant lots for sale in downtown Columbia, Realtors usually have to resort to some of the newer neighborhoods like King's Grant, The Preserve or Woodhill Crest. It's very rare to be able to mention the words "vacant lot" in an older, traditional neighborhood like Heathwood, Shandon or Wales Garden.

I know there are some on Kilbourne and Devereaux available where the old "farm house" was torn down. Other than that, we can count the available vacant lots for sale on one hand.

For point of reference, it wasn't long ago a lot on Capitol Place in Shandon sold for over $290,000 and a few month ago my vacant lot listing sold closed for $275,000.

Kipling Dr. is one of those streets that is always in high demand. Homes on streets that surround the popular Heathwood Park are always at a premium. The homes that surround the park are a tad smaller and therefore more affordable than the mansions of Heathwood. It will be some time before anyone else will have a brand new house in Heathwood.

This particular lot is about 65' wide and 255' deep at its deepest point. It's VERY long which would provide any homeowner with a large front and backyard.

Call or email if you have any questions about this vacant lot in Heathwood. The lot is offered for $175,000.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Team Sheheen Retains Trav Robertson

Sheheen Campaign Calls On Obama's State Director
A few days ago it was announced that Vincent Sheheen hired Trav Robertson to be part of his campaign to be the next governor of South Carolina. This should be a good move for Team Sheheen as Trav has a heathly history with most of the states top Democrats.

“We are fortunate to have Trav join our team. Trav has run campaigns for Congressman John Spratt, State Treasurer Grady Patterson and President Obama, and he understands all aspects of campaigning. Trav knows South Carolina’s potential and understands that my campaign will focus on moving our state forward,” Sheheen said.

In my bias, Trav is one who recognizes that any campaign shouldn't be too focused on one medium of vote collection. While he's certainly a grassroots guru, Trav is also well versed in the new media and social media platforms that are so important to today's election efforts. I appreciate this balance very much, as I try very hard to implement it in my real estate practice every day.

Further, Trav isn't afraid to throw a punch. Trav's most recent punch came only weeks ago when The State Newspaper asked Trav what he thought about Dwight Drake's bid for governor. I don't remember verbatim what Trav said, but I certainly recall that he didn't hold anything back.

Good luck to Vincent and Trav. They'll have fun in strategy sessions and traveling around South Carolina. Even though I'm a long way from choosing a candidate on either side of the aisle, I would love to be a fly on the wall in this campaign headquarters.

I've often said that Trav is worth 2% points in a 'D' primary. I guess we'll see!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cute! Shandon Style Bungalow For Sale

This 1,500 sq. foot brick bungalow has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bath and features hardwoods, smooth ceilings, moldings and many other cute features.

Off the den is an awesome office/playroom that's ready for computer work or Wii action. The kitchen is updated with plenty of cabinet and counter top space. It even has a cool multi-use bar/peninsula for easy prep and service.

The updated hall bath/powder room has been surrounded with 12x12 tile and cool jetted jacuzzi tub.

The spacious master bedroom is strategically placed for privacy and features it's own private bathroom.

A fully fenced spacious backyard provides for great cookouts, play sets or other outdoor fun.

Living in the downtown Devine St. corridor is fun and incredibly convenient. The best places to dine and shop are only a walk/bike ride away and anything downtown is only 5 minutes.

Call or email if you would like more information about 3814 Wilmot Ave. This move in ready home is offered for $229,900.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Statehouse Shakeup Coming Soon..?

Sen. Courson's Decision Could Cause Quite a Stir
Rumors within Columbia's political circles are that Sen. John Courson (R-Richland), may take the top post at the SC Lottery Commission. I've heard many times that Sen. Courson may run for statewide office or take a good, high paying post within state government.

If this takes place there will be lots of talk as to who would run for the seat. Instead of devoting a paragraph or so to each potential candidate, I decided to throw a picture up to some of likely candidates

Rep. James Smith, a Democrat, is probably THE front runner of the group. James won his house seat in '96 and hasn't really been challenged since. He's a popular representative with loads of fundraising potential. If James runs for Courson's seat, he'll be the one to beat.

Mayor Bob may be the wild card in the bunch. While I recognize that he stated that he isn't seeking another political office at this time, it has to be mentioned that his statement was made before the rumor mill started churning about Sen. Courson vacating the senate. After all, they live two doors from each other.

Richand County Treasurer David Adams is another sleeper for Courson's job. David is a wildly popular Treasurer who handily defeated a longtime incumbent. If he decides to run for the seat the dynamics may shift big time. David may love his current job too much to run. We'll see.

Republicans are going to have a pretty hard time with this potential shuffle, as the district probably sets up nicely to be a "pick up seat" for Democrats. Nevertheless, I'd think the GOP would field an interesting candidate. Nathan Ballentine and/or Rick Quinn come to mind.

If all of this comes to fruition a whole new dynamic comes into play. When/if Rep. James Smith decides to run for the senate, who runs for Smith's House District 72? This race probably sets up nicely for a political newcomer.

I wonder how much $$ it would take to win. Hmmm....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Some B&W's of Daddy's Little Girl :-)

Having to sit for a pic is really not my favorite thing in the world to do. Actually, I often slip out of a room if I see someone with a clicking camera. Nevertheless, I tried my best to be a good sport for Jenna and Finley and tried to keep my squinty eyes open the best I could. These aren't all the pictures that were taken but they're the ones I got my hands on first.

I have to admit we ended up having a great time during the session. Stacey Quattlebaum at "Naturally Wonderful" does a great job, and made it very easy and fun for all of us. I'm sure you'll be seeing more pics as they're certain to be posted on Facbook.

It's about 1:20am and sweet girl is sitting beside me as I type and do a spellcheck. She's being a patient little sweetheart, but I think she knows its bottle time in about 10 mins. You know who has second shift!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

S.C. Rep Gets 2 Syllables of Fame

Rep. Wilson Grabs Spotlight From President's Speech
I had a pretty good string of thoughts regarding Congressman Joe Wilson's heckling yelp of "You Lie!!!" during President Obama's speech Wed. night. However, my daughter's own yelp for food and diaper change at 2:28am delayed any thoughts for another time.

I do have time to write that Representative Joe Wilson got lit up the Internet tonight. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook have been dominated by Wilson's outburst.

Many folks that rely on public relations and marketing for business purposes often toot the horn of "any exposure is good exposure." We'll see if this is true in Rep. Wilson's case. At present, it doesn't look to be a good situation as the Democratic candidate to challenge Wilson raised over $50,000 as a result of the outburst.

Regardless of political leanings, the Congressman from South Carolina's 2nd District may have branded himself tonight. I'm sure the spin machine is on triple spin mode as Team Wilson attempts to turn this incident into a positive, or make it go away all together.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Litchfield by the Sea Loses Landmark

Old Oak Tree at Resort Entrance Has Finally Broken
Anyone who's ever traveled north on US-17 in the Pawley's/Litchfield area has certainly noticed the oddly shaped oak tree at the entrance of Litchfield By The Sea. Obviously, I get a close-up every time because the area's staple Starbucks is in the lobby of the resort. :-)

Jenna, Finley and I were on our way to Sam's on Forest Dr. to load up on blueberries when we got a Text Message of the poopie news. A few minutes later, we learned that the old broken tree was still laying there in the grass, and "it looked pretty sad." I'd hate to be the one standing on it when it finally snapped.

Over the years, millions of beach goers have noticed the tree and I'm sure thousands have used it as an awesome backdrop for family photos. When I turn off of 17 for my Starbucks, I often see families dressed in khaki's and white shirts or wedding parties standing around the iconic tree for pictures.

Must admit, I wish we had snapped a few. Too late... :/

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thursday Night is Sort of a Big Deal

Conversation in the Midlands Will Shift Thursday
Thursday night the lucky Gamecocks get to kickoff the entire college football season. The program gets the full attention of the nation as T.V.'s everywhere will be turned to the USC/NC State game.

Looking closer at the situation, the Gamecock football team has a lot riding on Thursday nights game. USC needs a WIN !

First, Carolina is carrying the SEC banner all by itself. Millions of SEC fans will be down right pissed if an ACC team takes a "W" from "the best football conference" on national television.

Further, the Carolina football team has a lot to do with the social tone in the Midlands. The conversation, email banter and Facebook/Twitter exchanges will shift from political rantings and beach pictures to football smack talk. I know this largely happens in many other football towns but it certainly happens in Columbia, so it's worth mentioning.

Other than being a fan, the reason I hope USC takes this first game is because if they don't, the entire midlands will shake it's collective head. If the Gamecocks lose, folks around town start to roll their eyes and shrug their shoulders. When they win, the talk around town is much more fun and there's no bitching and blaming.

This all may seem incredibly obvious but seeing as how the Midlands has had a string of unpleasant events lately, I thought the subject warranted a blog post.

On a football level, Thursday nights game is important because it only gets tougher as the season continues. Cue the University of Saturday.

I'm optimistic about the season opener and the season itself, and am sure this years bunch is ready to collect some "W's" for Columbia and Gamecock Nation. The Midlands could use some good branding and P.R. these days. Maybe Gamecock football can lead the effort.