Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yiiiiiiiiiikes...Swine Flu Little Fella'????

Someone Stop Him Before He Kills All of Humanity!!!

This is certainly making light of a serious event. Having said this, I hope the mother of this sweet fella washes his mouth out with soap and gasoline. YIKES!!!

As cute as he is, I hope this little man isn't anywhere near South Carolina!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gamecocks + Verizon = iPhone Sales

Apple and Verizon Consider iPhone Deal
If Verizon gets a chance to carry the popular iPhone it will be a big deal for Columbia, SC. As Verizon Wireless is the official wireless carrier of the USC Gamecocks, it's the very dominant choice among our circle of friends. Enter the "big deal" in Columbia.

Being a Realtor I carry the Palm Centro. Palm products have long been Realtor friendly as we use them to open lockboxes with their infrared abilities. As a Verizon subscriber, I may have to switch phones anyway.

As for Blackberry, we all know it's the undisputed king of email. While I know most blackberry owners love their phones, I'm not sure the email advantage is going to be enough.

With all of the social networking going on (Facebook & Twitter) combined with the sheer number of users, the iPhone may take the midlands by storm. The device just makes it too cool to surf the Internet.

As this could be a huge deal for Apple, Verizon and the midlands of South Carolina...it's a huge punch in the gut for AT&T.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Water-Boarding Really Isn't My Cup

Torture or Not, This Is Not My Cup...of Anything
Water-Boarding seems to be the hot topic on the 'news' these days. Since it's all over the news right now, I thought it would be a good idea to educate myself a little.

There are all sorts of pictures on Google about water-boarding. I decided to leave the real pictures alone for now and opted for the illustration above.

Whether they conclude that water-boarding is torture or not, I know that it's not something I'm gonna try anytime soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yes...Susan Boyle Rocks Our World

Turn Your Volume Up and Lean Forward
You're about to cry or smile, and have a better day.

I don't know much about music, "American Idol" or "Britain's Got Talent" but I know when I'm watching something awesome.

One thing that's making this video so great is the combination and timing of the shots. The are pretty close to perfect. The judges and crowds expressions (good and bad) are caught at just the right moments.

Enter Susan Boyle's performance itself. Booming, eyebrows raising, adrenaline running and awesome. It's a down right goose bumper. The expressions and actions of the crowd just pump it even more.

I've read that the video may break a YouTube record. It's that inspiring! Of the more than 28,788,332 million hits...three of them are mine.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Un-Sweet Tea and Oxymorons

Contradictions Everywhere in Sign Soundbites
A couple of friends decided to attend the Tea Party held at the SC Statehouse the other day. While I understand their frustration with whats going on in America, they probably shouldn't be standing next to each other.

The guy on the left is apparently upset that some folks aren't able to gather the money to pay their bills properly. I can appreciate that. What he fails to recognize is that the nice man in the middle doesn't mind if America's largest companies die on their own swords of mismanagement and greed. This is the great dilemma of it all.

If a ginormous company falters and leaves a person without an income, then how does the jobless one pay his mortgage or even the heat bill?

Further still, the man on the left obviously has a mortgage on his home. I'm assuming this because his verbiage of "pay your 'own' mtg." Apparently he is hard working as well as fortunate. Having said this, someone should ask him how would he pay his payment if he was fired.

Anyway, I'm sure these fine men feel like they got their points across. The dilemma is that they're cancelling each other out. Enter our nation's 'Catch-22.'

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Newest King's Grant Listing On Market

This stately 3,030 sq.ft home has 3 BR's and 2.5 Baths. It also features a nice FROG that can easily serve as a 4th bedroom.

If you've ever read this blog you know that I'm big on King's Grant. I have a ton of friends that live in the neighborhood and it continues to be one of Columbia's strongest neighborhoods.

Ct. is a very small collection of houses that are in the middle of Tombee Lane. This all brick home actually sits on the corner of the cul de sac which makes for a large lot and a stately presence from the street.

Another feature is a large kitchen with a big island in the middle and a huge window, that provides a scenic view from the breakfast table.

Perhaps the best part about 2 Tombee Ct. is that it backs up to the nature trail. I can't think of any other home on the market in KG that can say this. This provides an awesome opportunity to entertain and makes the backyard very private.

The nature trail makes it such that the owner can walk/bike to the pool and tennis courts in about a minute or so.

Call or email for any other details or a showing. At $534,900, 2 Tombee Ct. is offered for a lower price point for most others in the neighborhood.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Governor's Home For Sale at Sullivan's

I know this isn't breaking news or anything but I thought it would be cool for people to click and tour the governors home. Who knows!? This post may sell it!! :-)

This beachfront home features 4,474 sq. feet with 6 bedrooms and 5 full baths.

As you've probably figured out this home is not part of my listing inventory. I tried to get more than two pictures above but had a pretty hard time. Even so, if you click the link you'll find a fine home that's ready for a new owner.

The home comes with neighborhood pool and boat ramp access. Apparently it has a cool sand trail to the ocean that would be fun for any beach goer.

As we all know, Sullivan's Island is home to one of South Carolina's favorite beaches. Some of the Palmetto States most prestigious and expensive homes populate this awesome place.

The reason the home is for sale is unknown. Initial speculation may be that property taxes are too high or the owner may be running for President of the United States.

Call or email for more details. 1725 Atlantic Ave. is offered for $3.5million.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

'Secret' Hamptons Home Sold

Networking and Socializing = Home Under Contract
This great house in Old Woodlands Court didn't have a sign out front. Actually, the Seller was very unmotivated only a week before I got "The Call."

I ran into this homeowner at a fundraising event for EdVenture. I told him that I heard through the grapevine that he was thinking of selling his house. His response was, "Not right now. We don't think the time is right and we don't know where we'd go anyway." Well, a week later he called to say that if I had a buyer that he and his wife would sell the house. That's all it took.

Of course my brain started whirling. I called Caroline and asked her who we could put in the 'all bricker.' Before the afternoon was finished we thought of three or four people that would be a good fit, and within 2 days we had shown the house no less than three times.

In only a few days we submitted an offer for one of Caroline's clients and now have the home Under Contract.

Even in this market it goes to show that the wheels of real estate can turn anytime...anywhere.

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Program Changer" Commits to USC

Coach Staley Making It Happen For Lady Gamecocks
Below is a collection of paragraphs from Ron Morris's assessment of USC landing powerhouse women's basketball recruit Kelsey Bone.

I couldn't put the full article on blog but Morris goes on to say that USC hasn't seen a national impact recruit like this since the Gamecocks pulled Quarterback Todd Ellis from North Carolina.

The arrival of Bone may be the beginning of a new era for USC. I've heard more than a few times that the hire of Dawn Staley as coach of the Lady Gamecocks could eventually brand USC as a woman's basketball school.

Staley and Bone may be raising the bar for the other Gamecock coaches. FJ

When Kelsey Bone of Sugar Land, Texas, told a national TV audience she intended to play for Dawn Staley at USC, it shook the women’s college basketball world. It also created a stir at USC, where the number of national top-level recruits over the years in any sport is few.

Bone is considered by some recruiting experts as the top girls high school basketball player in the country. She was named the McDonald’s national player of the year. Her decision to spurn Texas, Texas A&M and Illinois to play for a program halfway across the country is stunning news.

Bone’s decision cannot be minimized, said ESPN women’s basketball analyst Debbie Antonelli.

Bone is a 6-foot-5 Parade All-American center who is mobile and a force on both ends of the basketball floor. Antonelli describes her as a “program changer.” Her commitment to USC is every bit the women’s basketball equivalent of Georgia football signing quarterback Matthew Stafford out of Texas or North Carolina basketball landing Tyler Hansbrough out of Missouri.