Monday, November 29, 2010

$60 Bux!? Location, location, location

Clemson Capitalists Lure Convenience Seekers (Us)
With stops in Laurens, Anderson, Greenville and Pickens counties, we were all over the Upstate this weekend. Of course, Saturday we found ourselves in the middle of Clemson University for the game.

As we were cruising for a parking spot, we found this little shopping bag right beside Tiger Park. Even though the price tag shocked me enough to snap the pic above, it took us about 15 seconds to realize that this was the parking lot for us. Breaking it down, it ended up being about $4.00/person/hour. Seeing as how we're about convenience anyway, this was well worth the coin. The bag was a shocker though..

As we made our way to The Esso Club we stopped in Tiger Park. For me, it was like a time warp. It was like I was in my unofficial 19 year high school reunion (TL Hanna '91). I couldn't believe the old friends I kept running into. I'd love to be able to thank them for being so welcoming to their tailgate spot.

The game itself was full of punts and two sputtering offenses. As I haven't been to Clemson since the "brawl game," I'd forgotten how steep Clemson's upper deck is. Up high, the temp seemed to drop BIG TIME throughout the night.

We had a great time in the Upstate (I'll type about staying in Greenville in another post). The only negative may be the traffic debacle getting out of Clemson. Holy cow, I couldn't believe how long it took to drift a few feet.

Congrats to the Gamecocks for bringing in a "W", and thanks to my Clemson friends for being so hospitable. It was great seeing everyone and I'm anxious to get back for another visit.

It'll be interesting to see if this same parking spot will be $100. in a couple of years.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Idea. But Oooof, The Logistics....

Columbia Rails To Trails Project May Be On Track
If you know The Vista, you're sure to know the scene above..

A group of Columbia residents are starting to make some noise about transforming old downtown railroad tracks into nice walking and biking trails. Apparently, this is not a new idea as seems to have been around for a while. Further, our more progressive friends in Greenville, SC seem to have taken full advantage of the concept, as their former RR track is a big success.

Again, on the surface this sounds like a good idea. However, after a few minutes of logistical thought this may not be the best fit for Columbia at present. A few quick reasons: 1) We have the relatively new 'Riverwalk' that seems to be pretty successful, that a "Rail To Trail" project may dilute. 2) Columbia already has a problem managing a flagship venue, Finlay Park. As beautiful and useful as it is, Finlay Park has been an attractant for the homeless and sexual misconduct. I'm not sure former train tunnels and/or viaducts won't procure the same. 3) Local Columbia, SC politics and government. Period (.).

Overall I think it's a good idea, just tough one to implement. Whenever I park behind Blue Marlin and see the old tunnel, I always try to think of a creative use for it. I never even thought of the fact that it could connect downtown neighborhoods with foot traffic.

Take a look at the attached video. The finished product could be pretty cool.

Friday, November 19, 2010

From $499K to $275K: Need Offer Now

Parking Facility Price Has Been Sliced To Move Fast
Now that the Gamecocks are the true 'Beasts Of The East', property at Williams-Brice Stadium should enjoy a boost in value. Nevertheless, the owners of Gameday Place on S. Stadium Rd. are more motivated than ever to procure a buyer for this primo spot.

While some folks are selling condos and others are selling 60 sqaure feet of asphalt, this piece of property is the best investment in the entire area.

Gameday Place is now offered at $275,000. from an original price of $499,000. Bring any and all offers fast, as the sellers are ready to sell to a big time Gamecock fan.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Forest Hills Listing Now A "Deal"

$209,900, Is A Great Price For 2936 Stratford Rd.
With over 1,700 sq. ft., 4 beds and 2 full baths, this cute bungalow style brick home is ready for a new owner.

2936 Stratford Rd. is in one of Columbia's oldest and more popular neighborhoods. The area is full of tree lined streets and gorgeous, historical homes. To ad to the popularity, the many children of Forest Hills attend the very popular Satchelford Elementary School. No doubt, this is a big deal and a big selling point for 2936 Stratford.

The home itself features hardwoods, smooth ceilings and an updated kitchen complete with granite slab counter tops and stainless appliances. No question, at $209,900 in Forest Hills, this home has a lot of bang for the buck.

Call/email Amanda or me for a tour as the home is easy to show. We can be reached at or .

Thank you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Sign For Now: 3rd House On Right

1529 Wyndham Rd. In Heathwood Hit Market Today
If you know Columbia, you're well aware that Heathwood is one of our most popular neighborhoods. When a home in Heathwood hits the market, it usually turns a lot of heads. Obviously this doesn't mean a Heathwood listing is a guaranteed sale, as some are incredibly dated or have a price tag that's unreachable. Every now and then, however, one comes along that's updated AND doesn't carry a million dollar price tag. 1529 Wyndham is probably a primo example.

This updated, stately all brick home has polished hardwoods, smooth ceilings and nice moldings throughout. Unlike most Heathwood homes, 1529 Wyndham has 3 living areas as a former porch has been nicely converted into a great extra den/family room.

As the main house sports 2,700 sq.ft, the property includes a spotless garage and 1,250 sq./ft FROG. This 'Room Over the Garage is perfect for an in-law, teenager, game room or 'man room.' It's more than 'just a room,' as it is complete with a full bath and a cute kitchenette.

I can blog about how great this home is all night, but all readers know the star of this show is the address.

The home is very easy to show. Please call/text or email or if you know anyone that would like to live in beautiful Heathwood.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Columbia's Latest Closed Transactions

Intown Columbia Closing's: Oct. 1 - Nov. 10, 2010
Usually I like to post the "Closed Transactions" a few days after the "Hotsheet," but for some reason I missed the last round of closings. There's no telling what the reason is, but I'm going to chalk it up as something blog worthy must have happened that week. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kinsey's Birthday. She'd Be 39 Monday

Knowing that Monday is Kinsey's birth date and Tuesday is the anniversary of her death, Jennifer and I decided to travel to Manning to be with the Black family. I felt bad about strolling in Manning Methodist a few minutes late, but I don't think anyone minded. Mr. and Mrs. Black were in their usual seats, of course.

We left the church to find ourselves eating lunch among the fine folks of Manning. In my bias, Manning, SC is populated with some of the friendliest folks on earth.

After going to the Black's home to pick up a large bouquet of flowers, we made our way to the cemetary. As Jennifer and I visit Kinsey throughout the year, going to the cemetary with the Blacks somehow makes the moment 'deeper.'

Obvioulsy, I don't mean to bring up sad moments by this post. I'm simply typing to remind friends that, "It's that time of year."

It was a good day in Manning.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Girl Finley Meets Her New Dentist

Docs Ellis/Jenkins Are Top Pediatric Dentists In Town
My sweet girl got to meet one of my good buddies and best clients the other day. Too bad for her that he happens to be her new dentist!

Even before Finley was born, Jen and I knew who her dentist would be. Dr. Robert Ellis is undoubtedly one of the nicest guys I know and certainly a first class pediatric dentist. Further, I happen to be incredibly fond his beautiful wife, Angie Goff. :)

Being from Anderson, I don't know the long history of Ellis, Green and Jenkins, but have to admit that I was rather impressed. While the dentists are top notch, the staff and facility were just as impressive. From the moment we arrived, the three of us were comfy, well taken care of and constantly greeted with smiles and waves of "Hello."

As most of my friends know, I try to shop 'loyal and local.' As Ellis, Green and Jenkins is a short drive from downtown Columbia, it's definetly worth the time to reciprocate with folks that support our real estate business.

In short, I can see why this is such a successful small business. Robert Ellis and John Jenkins do a great job and Jennifer, Finley and I are happy to have our girl on the patient list of such a great practice.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

South Carolina Hit The Polls Big Time

Candidates Strive For A More Perfect South Carolina
What a night! My affection for politics and policy had me on the edge of the sofa all night. Whew!...

Congratulations are certainly in order for our new governor, Nikki Haley. Sen. Sheheen ran a good race for the highest office in our state, but fell short in our "R" leaning state. No doubt, he'll continue to serve South Carolina well in the state senate.

On a more local level, I'm proud that Seth Rose is my new councilman. As we'd hit tennis balls, every time a ball got away from us (me), Seth would always stop the action and want to meet at the net to talk about running for Kit Smith's seat. No doubt about it, he wanted it badly and went after it hard core. Once his campaign started our tennis halted because he was pounding the pavement for votes. I hope I can lure him back to the court, but at present he's preparing himself to represent us well. It's hard not to be impressed with Seth.

Kudos to the new Sheriff of Kershaw County Jim Matthews. Jim and his wife, Heather Hoopes Matthews, worked as hard as any political candidate in the world for this office. While I don't live in Kershaw County, I have to believe Kershaw is a safer place for having elected Jim.

Coach Dick Smith of Anderson County really 'went for it,' as he won the at large seat on Anderson School District 5's Board of Trustees. Here's a man who's devoted his whole life to the betterment of the students of Anderson, SC. I'm glad to call Coach Smith a mentor and a friend, and I'm proud of him. He really went after it, and it paid off.

Winners notwithstanding, I feel compelled to thank Rep. John Spratt for his tireless service in the halls of Congress for his constituents and our state. Love him or hate him, Rep. Spratt did what he thought was right. His mind and hard work garnered him the label, "One of the smartest men in Washington." I hope Rep. Spratt can find peace with his work and take on the next stage of his life with a smile.

While there are many races I'd love to mention, I have to stop it somewhere and this seems as good a spot as any. Thanks to all of the candidates as it takes guts to 'put yourself out there,' no matter the ideology.

Friends, don't get too comfy just because the 2010 cycle is over. We have a presidential race staring us in the face, and South Carolina is kind of a big deal. Get ready !!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Forest Acres Is Hot Area of The Week

Amanda and I Are Producing In Forest Acres
Real estate sales is a funny industry. Truth told, I've been a little confused about the Forest Acres area. For a while, we were really piling up the sales in the area only to see a small lull in the action lately. Not anymore! With Caroline's house on Oakwood and Cav's on Wofford leading the way, we've caught fire again in Forest Acres and glad of it.

The two brick homes (Pinehill and Peachtree) went Under Contract this weekend and we put an offer on N. Hunters Court earlier tonight. :) To continue with the action, our listing on Sylvan is getting some great action, and we put a cutie on the market today on Harrison Rd.

Some of me hates to report home sales before they 'close.' However, as the news media constantly poopoos the market, I think it's good to report what's going on in downtown Columbia neighborhoods.

Keep the referrals coming! Forest Acres is hot right now.

Cola Neighborhood Kings of Halloween

Newer, 'Cul de Sac(y)' 'Hoods Are Kings of Halloween
When it comes to Halloween in Columbia, SC there's no shortage of fun places to take the kids. In my experience however, two downtown neighborhoods stand above the rest. In fact, I'd put King's Grant and "The Hamptons" up against any area in South Carolina.

This year we found ourselves at the King's Grant Clubhouse around 5:00 PM. As we tried to park, the amount of golf carts and SUV's were enough to impress any Halloween enthusiast. In short, it was total mayhem.

The huge crowd included hundreds Batmen, Sumo wrestlers, Tinkerbells and ladybugs. It was something to see. My little girl was probably the smallest one there on two feet and she was completely mesmerized.

Trolling through the neighborhood on a golf cart is another experience in itself. It's an obstacle course of hay rides, police officers and hundreds of costumed kids.

I'm impressed with King's Grant and The Hamptons. These two neighborhoods really have it going on when it comes to community events. Halloween is an event that provides a perfect microcosm of what a neighborhood can become.