Sunday, May 31, 2009

Federer's Best Chance = Legacy Waiting

Nadal's Historic Loss at French Opens Major Door
I didn't even get a chance to watch the first serve before I knew what happened at the French Open today. The TM's rolled in while Facebook/Twitter updates told the world of Nadal's fate. In case you haven't heard, Nadal lost in 4 sets to Robin Soderling.

It would've been great to see Nadal win a record 5th straight French Open. It would've been awesome to watch another Nadal / Federer final in a tennis major. Having said this, it's going to be even more fun to see if Roger Federer can solidify his claim to the label of "Best Ever."

Should Federer win the French Open, his claim to "Best Ever" may have an asterisk beside it. The asterisk will probably be a picture of Nadal's face. We'll see...

Nevertheless, the historic loss of Nadal today combined with a loss by a very hot Djokovic, clears the path for Roger Federer to take his first French Open trophy.

There's drama in France. Roger Federer needs to play his complete ass off. His legacy is waiting for him...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

One of Wheeler Hill's Best Hits Market

This awesome home boasts 3,225 sq ft and has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

If you know the Wheeler Hill area of Columbia you know that it is full of fine 'city homes'. This is one of the best.

The first floor is full of large rooms that feature the very popular heart of pine flooring. The spaces are huge and great for entertaining at many levels.

When you enter the 2nd floor you will fall in love with the owner's suite. The bedroom is very large and has a deck that overlooks USC. Continue on and you will find one of the finest bathrooms in Columbia, SC. Many people that see it claim that it reminds them of a Vegas hotel. It's pretty awesome.

Continue further and you'll also be impressed by the awesome media room. The projector and huge screen are perfect for watching movies and Gamecock or Tiger football.

1712 Phelps has a full garage and even has a backyard with plush grass that any 'city home' would be envious of. This is a great house that will provide some fun intown living. Call or email if you have any questions or would like a tour.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Richland 1 Poo Poo's Memorial Day?

Richland 1 Diluted Our Heroes Efforts Memorial Day
Jenna and I passed Dreher High School on our way to buy more paint rollers today. As I looked to the left of Devine St., I noticed a fleet of school buses leaving Dreher.

As we continued on, I updated my Facebook status asking if today was actually a school day. I thought I had missed something. As the responses started to come in I learned that I had.

I couldn't believe that Richland One schools actually were in session on Memorial Day. Shame.

I'm not a teacher, student, parent or administrator so I guess I can't blog with too much authority. Even so, it just felt wrong and ungrateful to know that the good folks listed above couldn't properly celebrate the efforts of our fallen soldiers.

As a side note I can't imagine all of the great family time that was missed on the lake or at the beach because families were trapped by today's school day.

I have to think there is a GREAT reason that our kids were in school Monday. Perhaps it's just the sheer timing of Memorial Day. Until I hear the reason I'm going to have to at least shake my head.

Richland 1 may have diluted our heroes efforts in the minds of our youth. Our heroes deserve better. I mean...the United States is celebrating the efforts of soldiers that have died in action, as in...killed.

There's a difference between the road less traveled and the low road. At present, it looks as though Richland 1 went low.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Palmetto State Isn't Even In The Race

Senators To Get Us On the Track Tuesday
Tuesday is a big deal for South Carolina. It's the day the "deliberative body" of the General Assembly takes up the 'Point of Sale' legislation.

The bill got through the House of Representatives some weeks ago and made it out of the Senate Finance Committee last week. Tomorrow, the bill hits the floor of the full Senate for a 2nd reading.

S.435 is a big deal. Under current law, South Carolina is losing out on commercial business and investment everywhere. It's missing out on local and out of state investors investing in our state because the tax liabilities are out of the stratosphere. S.435 curbs this by capping a reassessment at 15%.

Tuesday Senators have a chance to vote on a true economic stimulus package for South Carolina, and put our state back on the race track of competitive real estate investment.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rep. Nikki Haley is Going For It...

It's Always Fun To Watch Inspired Candidates Run
Last week Rep. Nikki Haley (R-Lexington) announced to the world that she is running for governor of the great state of South Carolina. While rumors were rumbling around Columbia, few expected her to announce so soon.

Nikki joins a growing number of Republican candidates for our states top post. It will be fun to watch her match dollars, strategy and wits with the likes of Andre Bauer, Henry McMaster and Gresham Barrett.

I'm lucky to be able to call Nikki a friend. I met her a few years after she pulled an upset win over a longtime Lexington politician. As I see it, she's served her constituents well.

Among other proud moments, her staple achievement is her work with transparency in government. Nikki has really concentrated her time, talents and treasures towards insuring that the citizens of our state are able to 'see' what's really happening within state government and the tax dollars involved.

Good luck to Rep. Haley in her candidacy for governor. It's gonna be one helluva election year in South Carolina.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

$8,000 Credit is Your Down Payment

Opportunity For Buyers Means More Hope for Sellers
The link above is a good Q&A about HUD's new policy. FJ

Shaun Donovan, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, said that the Federal Housing Administration will permit its lenders to allow home buyers to use the $8,000 tax credit as a down payment.

Whether you're for the federal government being involved in business or loathe it, this policy is certain boost home sales throughout the country.

If you know anything about the $8,000 tax credit, you know that it's set up for first time home buyers only.

I predict this will be a big deal for the real estate market across the country and South Carolina. This opportunity will enhance buyer's buying power and sellers will enjoy the larger pool of qualified borrowers.

While many of you are for a tax hike here and there, a great number of you are for tax cuts across the board. Notwithstanding everyone's position regarding taxes, I think every first time home buyer will want to know more about this powerful tool.

Further, if you have a home on the market that's priced below $273,000 (the limit for FHA loans for our area), I'm sure you'll praise the new policy with open arms.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tons of House for the $$$$$$$

6032 Marthas Glen Rd. - Hampton Ridge
This stately all brick home can accommodate just about any situation. At 4,601 sq ft and 6 bedrooms and 4 baths, it's one of the larger ones on the market. Live comfortably!

Hampton Ridge is a popular, well established neighborhood that's close to downtown Columbia and only a minute or two from I-77. It's also conveniently located near shopping venues like the Lowe's, Target, World Market, Starbucks and one of the best gyms in town (Hampton Hills).

The home is move in ready for someone who likes to spread out. Hardwoods, smooth ceilings, large rooms, huge kitchen, enormous master suite and a clever finished basement make 6032 Marthas Glen one of the best bargains in Columbia's market.

The elevated wooden deck, large patio, hot tub and crystal blue pool are set up perfectly for entertaining.

Call or email if you would like to know more about this Hampton Ridge winner. 6032 Marthas Glen is offered for $549,900.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Great Friends Gather For a Cause

We All Got a Little Pink Saturday Night
If you visited this blog last week you know that I asked my friends to participate in at least one of Saturday's Get In The Pink events. As I was present at the 10K, the only event I "participated in" was the Soiree that night.

I was completely impressed with the race and the people in it. I thought it was awesome seeing my friends cross the finish line. I can certainly see where it'll be an annual event. Awesome.

The party Saturday night was just as good. We all dined on yummy treats like designer paninis while completely impressed with the clubhouse. Two of the pictures above are of our shuttle group. Nice for Mark Pointer at STIR that these pics are floating all over Facebook. :-)

Congrats to Jackie Scott Howie of KICKS, Carolina Event Consultants and the American Cancer Society. We'll see you next year!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Impressive Year From the JLC

Columbia, SC Should Be Proud of Its Junior League
The Junior League of Columbia gathered at the University House at Williams-Brice Stadium to celebrate their '08-'09 accomplishments tonight. They had a lot to celebrate.

Congratulations to Bett Williams and the outgoing board members on another job well done. The new board has large shoes to fill. I know President-Elect Townes Denemark and the new board are poised to take large steps in the upcoming year.

Awards were given out to very deserving recipients. While I don't have the list in front of me at the moment, I do know the recipient of the award that's close to my heart. Congratulations to Adrienne Coleman as she is the years recipient of the Kinsey Black Jones Award.

This award is given specifically to an outstanding 1st, 2nd or 3rd year "Active." From what I've heard, Adrienne deserves this for her efforts throughout the year.

As they called her name I was proud to watch her receive her plaque and "dues" check. It makes me even happier to know how proud she is to have been recognized. Congratulations Adrienne!

The most impressive moment, is to see the $$$ amount the League raised throughout the year. Would you believe over $270,000?! Believe it. Even in today's financial climate the hard working women of the League raised this enormous amount of money.

Congratulations JLC!

Monday, May 4, 2009

For Me... Breast Cancer is Personal

'Get In The Pink' is This Weekend!!!!!!!!
Even if only one of your family members can attend...Come join the fun!

As many of you know, breast cancer is a big deal to me. This family ripping disease struck my late wife,Kinsey Black Jones, when she was only in her 20's.

After fighting the disease for years, Kinsey was taken from us one day after her 30th birthday. We were married 11 months.

To make matters worse, Kinsey's breast cancer actually metastasized to her liver after becoming pregnant. I was 28. You get the picture. :/

Other great causes have been created for people that we love. Share Our Suzy (SOS) is a wonderful example in honor of our late friend Suzy McGrane. Suzy was a loving help to the Black family and me during our four month stay in the hospital.

Now Jackie Scott Howie, owner of Kick's Exceptional Shoes, has taken upon herself to introduce "Get In The Pink," in honor and memory of her friends that have been affected by this awful disease.

There are 3 fun events on Saturday. You need to participate in at least one! You can get any information about the events at . As I know I'm not prepared to run 10K, I'll be there helping anyway I can.

Thank you for anything you can attend on Saturday. I'm sure I'll see you we fight harder for a cure.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Forest Acres Home Hits Market & Sells

6012 Satchelford Rd. Gets Contract In One Day

It isn't mine but this good looking listing is just about perfect for one of my awesome buyers. I'm not sure anyone else even got a chance to go inside. When we saw that it hit the market, we pounced and wrote the offer.

This house has over 1,800 sq. ft with 3 beds and 3 full baths. 3 full baths! The reason for this is that a large master was built onto the back a few years ago. The house lives really well and the new master suite gives great separation from the kids.

I'm not sure it could have worked out any better as the buyer loves that the schools are Satchelford, Crayton and A.C. Flora.

Congratulations to one great family. Now that we found a great house it's time to get it closed!

Friday, May 1, 2009

King's Grant | Hampton's Set To Close

600 King's Grant Dr & 516 Chimney Hill Fetch Buyers
These two good looking homes are ripe and ready to close anytime now. When a house on Sundowne closes (also in The Hamptons), it will trigger a four deep line of solid real estate transactions.

600 N. King's Grant Drive will close at a handsome $600,000 and 516 Chimney Hill will fetch a solid $274,000. Both properties have passed inspection and easily appraised.

Congrats to my buyers and sellers of these properties. They've been Under Contract for a good while and all parties involved are thrilled to be so close to settlement.