Monday, February 28, 2011

5909 Indian Mound Is On The Market

Lots To Offer In This Quiet/Established Neighborhood
At almost 3,000 sq.ft with 5 bedrooms/3 full baths, 5909 Indian Mound Rd. has tons of space to offer prospective buyers.

Features of this all brick home include hardwoods, smooth ceilings, recessed lighting and a lot of rooms for many needs and/or hobbies.

As you can see from the pictures above, the home has a floor plan that begs for an owner that enjoys entertaining. The newly remodeled kitchen is open, spacious and features top of the line materials. The kitchen area is so large that a 'keeping room' flows nicely onto the elevated deck, which looks over a grand semi-wooded backyard. This whole set up is very nice.

The downstairs area makes for a perfect owners suite but can also serve as a massive play area, Wii-Room, or man cave.

At only $120./ft., this home has a lot to offer in this quiet, established neighborhood. Indian Mound Rd. is close to great shopping and restaurants, less than a mile to I-77, and only minutes to anything downtown Columbia.

Friday, February 25, 2011

AQP's Baby Girl Julia Coming Friday

Wednesday afternoon was a whirlwind, but overall a happy day at our office. It's the day Amanda rode off into the sunset to bring the newest member of our (familial) team into the world.

Everyone at the office is ecstatic to meet little Julia. Either Julia has allowed Amanda to have one of the smoothest pregnancies ever, or Amanda is just a big time trooper and has us all fooled. Either way, she has been able to work hard until the very last moment.

Amanda is leaving for a while at a particularly 'hot moment' for us. Contrary to market reports, our whiteboard is full of Pending Contracts. At present, 'the board' is showing 11 sides ready to close with 4 or 5 sides presently in negotiation. In short, that's a lot of negotiation time and loads of inspections! Nonetheless, team manager Amy Cartin and I are going to make all this happen while Amanda is off being a great mom.

Amanda and I have been professional acquaintances since I entered the Realtor business five or six years ago. When she came over to Coldwell Banker, my professional and personal fondness for her was taken to another level. When it comes to real estate, Amanda is a no-holds-barred hunter, hustler, & producer. I'm impressed.

On a personal level, I'm proud to know her. Amanda and I eat more meals and spend more time together than we do with our spouses. Every day she makes the office more fun, and she's actually become one of my best friends. In short, we're moving a good amount of inventory and having a great time doing it.

Her sweet baby Julia enters the world sometime tomorrow (Friday). While it's been a smooth but long nine months, I know Amanda (and Julia) are sooo ready for the next life step. I hope I'm close to the hospital when it all happens, as I want to be on call if she wants/needs a sandwich, good blanket, Gatorade, or bottle of white wine.

Congrats to the Payne family and their new addition. Amanda, her husband Paul, and I are anxious for the new addition and every happy moment/challenge Julia brings to the team. Who knows, we may move offices and scrap a few filing cabinets for a brand new 'Pack n Play.' Sounds good to me!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mag Image Puts Andre In Email Inboxes

"Reinvention" of Andre Is More Of the Same: Hard Work
On Tuesday, I received a few emails with a link to this pic of Andre'. As many of us know Andre' without poses, airbrushing, or this 'look,' the magazine artist certainly put together an interesting image.

Skimming/scanning the article really quickly, it doesn't really tell Columbia residents anything we didn't already know. Speeding, "They breed!", airplane crash, Facebook friends, affection for seniors, et al., are nothing new to Midlands readers. That said, I can see where folks outside of the I-77 "beltway" would find the article informative.

The article didn't really dive into his future, other than the obvious. We all know he's going to continue to working hard and focus on his business. Well, quite frankly, I could have written that.

Here's my one paragraph on their cover story subject: Andre Bauer is a tireless, flat-out, no-holds-barred do-er/hustler. For example, when others are selling 10 T-Shirts, Andre' is selling 110. Perhaps to a fault, he's open and candid. Andre's future looks awesome b/c of his work ethic and world class Rolodex. To put it in my professional perspective, if Andre brought his work ethic to the Realtor world... It's On, Like Donkey Kong.

Good for the writer, photographer and Black Box magazine. They produced an attention-grabbing, cool cover story of a statewide character.

What the article didn't capture is why Andre' chose Greenville as his 2011 home. A run for the US Senate or House of Representatives comes to mind. We'll see...

Monday, February 21, 2011

3323 Devereaux - Heathwood For Sale

In-Town, All-Brick, Corner Lot, And X-Large Rooms
3323 Devereaux Rd
is move-in ready and has lots of extra goodies. Shining hardwood floors, recessed lighting, tall/smooth ceilings, very heavy moldings/trim, and an oversized screened porch are worth mentioning.

Aforementioned features notwithstanding, what sets 3323 Devereaux apart is the size of the rooms. The den, living room, dining room, and bedrooms are all as large as they are polished. In short, at over 2,000 sf, the house lives large and is very well-done.

The master is so big that it includes a sitting room (complete w/fireplace) that is larger than many bedrooms found in downtown homes. The master also enjoys the advantage of having a private bathroom and walk-in closet.

The oversized front porch (pic above) serves as an outdoor bonus room, while the flat, fully-fenced backyard is ready for activity. Most anyone will love sitting on this front porch watching the walkers stroll through Heathwood.

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about this home, don't hesitate to call/email or to set up a showing.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Friend Gets Called To Serve, Again

@SCHouseGOP While we frequently disagree with @repjamessmith on policy, his bravery and duty to country is an example for every South Carolinian.
@SCHouseGOP Good luck to Rep. James Smith, who will be on active duty in Saudi Arabia for three weeks. House standing in moment of silent prayer for him

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

S.C. To Speeders: Wanna Cut A Deal???

Very Clever Idea Hits State House: Pay or Points...
The other day, a blogger wrote a diddy regarding the S.C. General Assembly's attempt at a sack of money. Fits hits on many points well, but omits a giant facet in the equation - auto insurance companies and their premiums (rates).

To be sure, folks are leary of insurance companies, as they are trial lawyers and health care facilities. It's one big circle of inflated systematic blame, unless of course you need their services... which is a whole 'nother conversation. That said, the bill that Reps Rutherford (D) and Smith (R) introduced in the House of Representatives, is without regard for insurance companies' risk equations and rates. In short, the bill just isn't as simple as they'd like it to be.

While I don't pretend to be an insurance underwriting expert, I can report with some authority that rates are directly related to driving records and an analysis of risk within a state and/or county. The proposed bill unintentionally(who cares, perhaps?) alters the system.

Think about it. If a driver has five "Under 10's," and opts for the "no point" provision, this creates a flaw in an insurance company's rate equation. Our subject driver clearly has a heavy foot, but his/her risk quotient is swept under the "no point" rug so South Carolina can make a few hundred bucks.

Conversely... perhaps this is a round-about way of fixing the "uninsured motorists" epidemic that plagues our state. In case you didn't know, over 25% of our drivers don't have car insurance. Further, perhaps if we pay our law enforcers a commission or bonus on their collections, our state will be flush with cash, AND everyone will finally buy insurance (I'm kidding... kinda). Who knows...

Futher still, where does it end? If we're late on income taxes, will our state government cut a deal where it will pay the IRS penalty if we pay them a fee? If a hunter kills 20 white tail bucks in a sitting, can he/she pay a nice fee to avoid jailtime via DNR?

In short, this is a clever notion when painted with personal pinstripes. However, if stroked with a broad brush, the picture becomes very blurry... and slippery.

Monday, February 14, 2011

4 Bedroom, Private KG Home Now Low $500's.
On Monday, this wonderful King's Grant home enjoyed a price adjustment, bringing the list price to $529,900. Since it's reduction, 'Otranto' is now the most affordable home on the market in King's Grant that's not a patio home.

25 Otranto Lane has, without exception, the most private lot I've ever listed in the neighborhood. As you can see from picture #3, the property is complete with a huge backyard that is bordered by lush woods, never to be built on.

Click one of the links above or contact us for more details. The features of 25 Otranto, combined with it's new price tag, have me feeling this KG listing won't last long.

Friday, February 11, 2011

DailyTeamUp Is Live... We're Ready!

New Player Launches The Power Of Volume Sales
Today we learned the anticipated launch of a new online company has gone live!! DailyTeamUp announced via Facebook that "Today's Deal" (just in time for Valentines Day) is on the clock.

DailyTeamUp is determined and proud to offer the best local deals to it's subscribers, fans, and followers. embraces the business model of Groupon and DealMobs. That said, there's never a shortage of businesses looking for exposure through volume. Additionally, the world of online eyeballs searching for a good deals is exponentially infinite. In short... it's a win win.

Domiciled in South Carolina, DailyTeamUp is launching in Charleston, SC, first, while Columbia, SC, and Raleigh, NC, are set to go live within a week or two.

I'm sure you'll be able to take advantage of the daily deals on this site. Once you've subscribed, be sure to suggest any local businesses that should take advantage of the power of volume sales!

Congrats to We're ready for the deals!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Columbia, SC's Updated MLS Hotsheet

Columbia's Newest Real Estate Listings: Jan. 4 - Feb. 8, 2011
As you will see, January usually provides a pretty large number of new listings. One reason is because many Realtors 're-list' homes at this time of year. This practice insures a listing gets a brand new MLS number, and therefore a 'fresh face.' While this strategy is certainly practiced throughout the year, it's compounded exponentially when a new year turns over.

Who knows how effective this is, but if you notice a 'new listing' on this Hotsheet that you've seen before...this is why!

Happy clicking!

Monday, February 7, 2011

2713 Wheat St. Hits Market - Shandon

Block of Wheat & Woodrow Streets: Primo Location
At 2,450 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms and 4 full baths, this home has a lot to offer. Some features include high ceilings, pine hardwood floors, transoms, and tons of storage.

Perhaps the best feature of 2713 Wheat St. is the new luxury owner's suite. This 'master' is complete with a spacious closet & top of the line bath w/subway tile, double vanity, & multi-head seamless glass shower. In short, this suite... is sweet!

Outdoor living here is just as fun. The tiled/paved patio is private and perfect for grilling out. The front porch is waiting for you to rock away the afternoons while waiving to all of the walkers and bikers Shandon is famous for.

As cute and 'classic' as the home presents itself, the 'stars' of 2713 Wheat St. are the new owner's suite and the location. We all know there are some premier locations in Shandon. I'd challenge anyone to find a more fun block than the corner of Woodrow & Wheat. The home is a half block from Hand Middle. Primo.

If you live here you'll be within walking distance of anything in 5 Points or Devine St., and a 5 minute drive to anything downtown.

Call or email or if you or anyone you know would like more information about this classic Shandon home.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Popping String Makes My Teeth Grit

Shop Loyal/Local: Todd & Moore Takes Care Of Us
Outside the everyday hustle and grind (and fun) of the real estate business, there are a couple of things that make me grit my teeth and say, "Really?... Really." One, which drives me bat crazy, is Columbia's red light system. The other, is when I pop my strings.

It's hard enough to find someone that can hit balls when I can go (late), and even more difficult to find an open court with lights. When these logistics are finally worked out, and a good sweat is on the cusp, there's nothing more frustrating (other than rain) than hearing my strings pop. Uggh.

This all said, thank goodness for Todd & Moore. As frustrating as popping strings can be, Columbia players know they can take their wounded weapon to the good people at Todd & Moore. More often than not, we can be hitting balls again by day's end.

I snapped this pic around 9:30 AM. Later that same day, I was bangin' on the Mays Park wall.