Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Andre Bauer Time in Palmetto State

Hard Work & Timing Could Be Big for SC...and Andre'
Since no one tackled Governor Sanford before he exhaled political and marital death into various microphones, it looks like we'll have a new governor of our beloved Palmetto State. Personally, I have a positive outlook for a Bauer administration.

By no means will Andre be governor "by default." He worked incredibly hard for the job of Lt. Governor. Early in his political life, Andre walked door to door in '96 to win his first political campaign to win a seat in the SC House of Representatives. He later earned a seat into the 'deliberative body,' as a state senator. Now he's our Lt. Governor and poised to take the top post via Mark Sanford's personal and professional meltdown.

I have a few friends that have announced their candidacy for governor in the next election cycle. Soon we'll be choosing between them who'll be the best candidate for our state in 2010. Notwithstanding 2010, I'll bet that Andre will do a fine job as South Carolina's next governor.

To my friend; Sparingly does hard work and timing present an opportunity to do big stuff. Do big stuff.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Congrats Liz Gunn and Jerry Reardon!

How Much News Can We Take in One Week?!
To put it mildly this has been one huge week in the news. So huge in fact, that I'm not sure I blogged about real estate one time. Yikes!!!

The world just learned via Facebook that Liz and Jerry are engaged to be married! These two are a couple that everyone loves to be around and I personally can't wait to see them again.

Congratulations to you both! Elizabeth, I know you're beaming somewhere right now. Kudo's to you Jerry, as you have clearly out kicked your coverage (as I have).

Hope to see you this weekend somewhere!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Most Awful Press Conference

Sanford & Staff Not Prepared... Make Things Worse
The very first sentences of this debacle had everyone shaking their heads. Governor Sanford began his explanation to the world with ramblings about the Appalachian Trail and having $100 in his pocket as a kid. What???

While all of this is going on we're all watching the sideshow of the teenage girls giggling and texting in the immediate background. While the world was watching a head of state explain away his personal destruction, we found ourselves shaking our heads at giggling and smiles the whole time.

Later during all of this Sanford rambles on about philosophies and other deep thoughts that made us all want to say "STOP!"

Then the press started asking questions. Oooof. They wanted hard facts about when, where and if he told the staff certain things. Sanford desperately wanted to keep talking about his deep thoughts. He wanted it to be 'his moment' and on his terms. It looked as though in his mind, that he was finally speaking out and everyone should listen. He had no chance. The press went after him hard for a few seconds when Sanford finally walked away from the podium. It was awful.

Sanford now has 2 terrible problems to deal with (not including his family). The lying and traveling on the taxpayer dime is going to be a terrible thing for him endure. On a far more personal level, the email exchange with "Maria" is going to embarrass him to pieces. If you've seen any of the exchange, it makes it sound like he wrote a book with a windblown Fabio on the cover.

Hang on South Carolina. We're on the front page and the tube until something bigger or juicier comes along. I expect SNL to do a reenactment of today's embarrassment.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Sanford's Mess Kit Full of Crap?

Like most residents of the Palmetto State I'm pretty stunned by all of the media attention Governor Sanford has received over the last few days. I'm not even sure Sen. Jake Knotts had any idea what sort of firestorm he was creating when he contacted the SLED chief. Nevertheless, here we are...and it's just getting started.

I understand it's important for the citizens of a state and elected officials to know where their chief executive is. I realize too that it's odd for the Office of the Governor to not know where their boss is. Having said this, I don't think these are the reasons the national media outlets flew their correspondents and cameramen to South Carolina. In my bias the camera crews are camped out because of one person's statements; Jenny Sanford.

If our First Lady had responded differently this story would be at an entirely different decibel level. Telling the world that she didn't know where her husband was on Father's Day weekend was just over the top. Telling the world that he was "writing something" just before Sanford's office announced that he was hiking the Appalachian Trail raised even more eyebrows. This is what made everyone's head shake. I mean, is Governor Sanford writing a Haiku? I just can't believe that in the age of laptops he's writing something on a mountain with a pencil.

Anyway, this story isn't over. His staff is probably going crazy because the press is at every door.

I predict a next step will involve the Freedom of Information Act whereas someone will be investigating his cell phone records.

Hold on Sandlappers. South Carolina is making national news until something else more interesting happens.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Prediction: Green Diamond Inevitable

'Opinion' at The State Newspaper Gets it Right
I don't know much about FEMA, floodplains or Larry McNair, Jr. I do know that I have all of the confidence in the world that the project known as 'Green Diamond' will happen one day.

Don't get me wrong...I've seen many development flops lately. For example, some developments in the Northeast section of Columbia are having a very hard time. Having said this, a development in downtown Columbia that includes a golf course could be a powerful thing. At present, the only 'downtown' private or semi-private golf course is Forest Lake Country Club. As most of us know, there is a multi-year waiting list to belong to Forest Lake.

For today, I'm not endorsing nor poo-pooing the project. I'm simply typing to announce that, like it or not, it's coming.

The State Newspaper's comment that Mr. McNair's plan should be considered is a good way to put it. "It's time we moved on," is an even better phrase.

Mr. McNair should have an objective opportunity to present his plan. It could be a wonderful thing for downtown Columbia.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

One of King's Grant's Best Hits Market

1 Tombee
Place in King's Grant is Now For Sale
This gorgeous home features over 4,000 sq.ft. and has 5 bedrooms and 5.1 baths.

If you love King's Grant you have to see this one. Some of the features include an open floor plan, downstairs owners suite, wide-plank hardwoods, 9 foot doors and a wrought iron spindle staircase.

The enormous kitchen has a large island with bar, granite everywhere, stainless appliances and a nice lighting system.

Of all of my listings in Kings Grant this is the first one that has a full bathroom in every room! This is a rare feature for any home in Columbia. How convenient!

The three car garage is ready for a golf cart for you to roll to the clubhouse for a game of tennis or afternoon swim in the pool.

Call or email if you would like more information about this King's Grant stunner.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stepping in Gorilla Poop on Facebook

Terrible Comment on FBook Brands Palmetto State
I may not know much about being funny, social networking or P.R....but I do know that this "Comment" on Facebook has worked out like viral internet diarrhea...of gorilla proportion.

When I read about the 'gorilla comment' on FBook sometime last week I thought, "oof". When I heard who the writer was I said, "Ruh-roh!"

Actually, I expected to see a big deal made about it on the Sunday morning political shows. When I didn't see anything about it, I thought he actually dodged a major bullet. Not so...

I know everyone does things that they regret. I also know that the new social media allows people to put their foot in their mouths in very large fashion. This is one of those instances.

We'll see how this all plays out. At present, this awful attempt at humor is another terrible piece of P.R. for South Carolina.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Claim Your Facebook Username Now

'Great Facebook Land Grab' Starts 12:01am Saturday
Over 200,000 usernames were taken in the first 3 minutes.

Tonight, Facebook allowed its users to pick a 'username.' This potentially awesome event is ongoing, and is on a first come-first serve basis.

As a social networker and Facebook user, I made sure to tie up http://facebook.com/franklinjones in the first minute it was available. I don't know how many people on Facebook are named Franklin Jones, but I wasn't going to take any chances.

This will be a valuable tool for a lot of users. For example, politicians pages can be marketed much more easily. Retail outlets like Kicks, Just the Thing and 'M' can now market whichever username they choose in their local advertising. All they have to do is pick the most clever name to market and brand.

This is a big thing for Facebook users and anyone that's part of the social media. It makes things easier and adds a new wrinkle to it all.

Go claim your name before someone else does...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Big Storm Hits Us at Beach

Storm Hits Litchfield But Doesn't Hurt Vacation
I didn't take the photo above, but it's not far from the scene after another big thunderstorm...

Tonight we decided to try a new place called "The Chive Blossom." I have to admit that the name isn't great and the atmosphere is a little tight... but the food is awesome. Without any exaggeration, I have to say that all of the dishes impressed everyone at the table.

While we were at the new "hit" restaurant it rained long and hard. Conveniently, by the time we got back to the house it was cool as a cucumber. Most of the group camped out on the front porch like beach goer's do... and talked the night away.

After everyone went to bed I decided to take a stroll on the beach. It was a good decision. The ocean was like a huge lake with very small waves. They were the size a jon boat makes on a lake when it travels by at mid speed.

It was another great night at Litchfield. Our family beach week may be ending soon, but I can assure you that we'll all be back very soon...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Litchfield Makes For Good Times

Family Vacation Week Finds Us at Litchfield Again
Living in South Carolina can be a wonderful thing. One of the best thing about living in the Palmetto State is the proximity of great beaches. Once again, we chose Litchfield to spend our 7 day vacation.

We all rolled in on Saturday and set up camp for the week. Of course we had a big dinner (followed by blueberries) and watched a movie at the house. One by one, everyone that was pooped headed to bed. Of course I was the last to go horizontal.

Sunday's weather was awesome. We began the day watching Federer win the French Open. As we were all proud of Federer, we headed to the sandy beach. It was a perfect beach day.

After about three hours of sun and fun, the fella's got a second wind and decided to play a doubles tennis match. In honor of Federer's victory, we hit the fuzzy ball on the clay courts of the Litchfield Raquet Club.

We all ended the day at the theater. "Hangover" made us all laugh enough to talk about it all the way home and hoping for a sequel.

In all, it was a great vacation kickoff at Litchfield beach....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Proud New Listing in Heathwood

I went inside this home for the first time the other day and immediately wanted to move. Inside is very well done and ready to move in. The new owner won't have to do a thing.

This home has almost 3,200 sq. ft. and features 3 or 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths.

The foyer is impressive and spacious. It's formal living/dining rooms are large and can handle a great party and the awesome eat-in kitchen is completely redone, with custom cabinets and slabs of granite.

The very large owners suite has custom closets and a brand new elegant bathroom. There are lots of rooms around the house to take advantage of with TV's, cribs, Wii's, office equipment or whatever.

Outside features a large screened porch and open air deck, with a big backyard full of green grass perfect for entertaining. The two car garage makes the outdoors of the property even more attractive.

Call or email for more information about this awesome Heathwood home. It's pretty awesome...