Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Short Hospital Visit But Back Soon!

If you haven't heard from me in a few days, it's for good reason. On Monday, I hobbled into Surgical Associates of South Carolina to have a place on my backside sliced and drained. After one second of observation, the doctor informed me that I would be making a quick trip to Baptist Medical Center for surgery. WUT???

Within a few hours I was put to sleep and learned that I'd be spending the night at the hospital. Special thanks go out to the Denemarks, Hairstons, Amy, Amanda, and Trav for coordinating life and taking care of the basic needs of a dad, Realtor and friend. Trav, thank you so much for the midnight Double w/Fries from Wendy's!!! Hit the spot!

Since I was 17, I've lived with a cyst on my backside. Friends have long wondered why I attach a towel to my belt in the back when we play golf. There's the rub. At times it's hurt like heck, but I learned to live with it. However, when I began to sweat uncontrollably this weekend, my friends, wife, and doctor told me enough was enough. I had too large of an infection to 'tough it out' any longer.

Fast forward two days and now I have a three-inch gaping hole in the small of my back. Jennifer took a picture tonight and to say the least, it's ugly, awful, and hurts like $#*!.

My sweet wife deserves the biggest 'THANK YOU' though, as she has taken on the challenge of 'un-packing' and 'packing' my wound twice a day. Tonight was her first shot at it and she did a great job with a gross situation. I saw a few tears run down her face as I clinched the headboard.

As a side note the folks at 'Baptist' were awesome and made me very comfortable. It may be a maze of a hospital but I always come away from there thinking it's a top shelf facility. I'd recommend the staff at Baptist Hospital to anyone.

I'm back emailing and walking but can't quite drive yet. If anyone needs any administrative assistance please don't hesitate to email or general real estate questions to They can help with anything I can or quickly throw me in their cars.

Wish Jenna luck as she's playing the role of MVP wife right now!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Richland County Closed Transactions

'Downtown' SOLD Homes: June 18 - July 24, 2010
I haven't updated the 'Closed Transactions' in a while, so I feel compelled to explain a little. Since The State newspaper doesn't seem to want to report all of the "Property Transfers," I thought it would be a good idea to relay what's really going on.

If you click the link above you'll find the "Closed Transactions" within the dates given above. It's pretty much a downtown snapshot from a closed price of a minimum of $150K to a Zillion dollars that does not include the stretches of Southeast or Northeast Richland County.

I wish The State would report this information but for about a year now they only pull a few tranfers for their Sunday edition. Who knows why? Dunno.

Have fun clicking!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Amanda Introduces 104 Chesney Lane

Sharp 4 Bedroom Hamptons House Is For Sale
On Tuesday, Amanda added a winner to our listing inventory. 104 Chesney Lane in 'The Hamptons' has almost 2100 sq. ft. and features 4 beds and 2.5 baths.

From the moment you walk in, it's immediately evident that 104 Chesney has been upgraded throughout and is well taken care of. Some of the features include hardwoods, smooth ceilings, and a nice kitchen with lots of cabinets and counter space. The master bathroom has a shower that rivals some of the homes in King's Grant.

Anyone who steps out the back door will immediately love the deck situation. A cool brick fire pit, built-in benches, and large stainless grill make for serious entertaining.

This home is offered for well under $300K. Any buyer will be hard-pressed to 'get all this' for under $300,000.

If you have any questions or would like to view inside call or email or This is a sharp house.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Columbia, SC's Updated MLS Hotsheet

Columbia's Newest Listings: June 23 - July 19, 2010
There are 117 new listings in this edition of The Hotsheet. As always, this list is filled with fixer-uppers as well as some swank properties. Have fun clicking!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Relaxing Makes For Production Anxiety

Will Miss This Spot But Anxious For Monday Morning
In seven days of vacation, I was able to sneak in almost two hours of 'me time' on the beach. After floating around in the ocean for about 30 minutes, I thought it would be a good idea to snap a pic of my place in the world. Ahhhh... serenity now.

Monday is going to be a monster day at work as I have a kabillion phone calls to make and a mamillion emails to return. Thanks to all of my friends and clients for allowing Jenna, Finley, and I to enjoy a week with the Denemarks and Hairstons. We had a big time.

Even though my friends know I love my job, I hear from them that "everyone needs to decompress." Now that I'm 37 and a dad, I'm beginning to agree with this school of thought.

Vacation or not, I'm about to freaking bust to take Finley to school early and gang tackle another Monday.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Loving Litchfield In A Different Way

Litchfield + Baby Adds New Dimension To 'Vacation'
It's been a pretty slow blog week and for good reason. We've packed up the bags (in my case, the laundry basket) and meandered our way to our annual trip to Litchfield Beach, South Carolina.

Over the years I've listened to my friends talk about the difference between vacations without kids, as opposed to with them. I now understand the difference... AND HOW.

Even though my wife may be the perfect maternal manager, I still feel the day to day operation of being at the beach with a baby and surrounded by other small children. It's not that it's 'hard,' but rather a time management explosion.

It was only last year when we were sunning on the beach five or six times during the week, whereas this year I'm reporting to have only seen the sand in the sunlight once. It's Thursday (I think).

On the homefront we have a lot of transactions going on and no matter how much help one has, our clients still deserve proper attention. That being said, the Columbia real estate world has become part of my daily calendar of what a full beach trip is, plus kids. Oooof. Thank goodness for Amy and Amanda as everything is running smoothly and on schedule.

Once again, South Carolina's Litchfield Beach has provided an awesome week away from the daily grind. In the years to come, Finley will only grow and enjoy it more and more and I'm anxious to witness what's ahead. After all, Litchfield is a 'family beach' and I'm already anxious to get back... as a family.

We all hope to hit the beach in the morning. We'll see if Finley and the Blackberry/iTouch will yield and allow for a few relaxing hours.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pawley's/Litchfield Golf Is Always Fun

When snapping these pics I was actually trying to capture one of the most scenic and well known holes in South Carolina golf. The result of my efforts, however, caught my friend's textbook swing on film. Look at the kinetic power. Admire the rotation.

Pawley's Plantation may be the most scenic golf course I've ever seen. Sure, I've never seen Pine Valley or Pebble Beach, but I have to report this is a cool track. The back nine is full of marsh, creeks, and sawgrass. On three or four holes you have a clear view across the marsh of Pawley's Island. It's awesome.

Over the last few years this picturesque monster course has been off of our yearly 'rotation.' Year after year, this golf course would just beat us down so we stayed away. After Stephen's round today, I think it may be back on.

I can make a little fun of Forrest's swing because, even with such a swing, he and Stephen beat me up a little on the course. He won't mind this post... his bod just doesn't twist well while being photographed.

P.S. On this 69-yard hole all three of our balls hit the mud. We took a re-tee and Stephen (the fella in the yella shirt) hit it within six inches.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alvin Greene Should Be An Action Doll

Alvin Greene Has New Idea To Stimulate Economy
Sandlappers are quickly uniting behind Alvin Greene's latest idea to stimulate the economy. I heard he has dozens of endorsements to make like an Evel Knievel action doll and shoot out of a cannon over one of the borders.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Unlikely Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene is making headlines again, telling the United Kingdom's most circulated newspaper that one plan to stimulate the economy is to produce action dolls of himself for children.

Greene told The Guardian's Ed Pilkington in a story posted on their website Tuesday that his "out of the box" solution is "not a joke."

Speaking with Pilkington, Greene said, "Another thing we can do for jobs is make toys of me, especially for the holidays. Little dolls. Me. Like maybe little action dolls..."

Hats off to Mr. Greene for having an idea. I mean... it IS an idea. I think it may be wise to leave it at that.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Melrose Heights Bungalow Hits Market

This all-brick bungalow has almost 1,700 feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths.

Some features are hardwoods, tall smooth ceilings, and charming transoms. The home lives large as the living areas are more spacious than most bungalows in the area and an enclosed sun porch makes for a cozy extra living room.

The front deck sets up nicely for hanging out and watching the walkers stroll by while the clean, flat backyard is perfect for entertaining.

Melrose Heights is a very popular neighborhood that has a rather seamless boundary with Heathwood. It's an area dotted with bungalows and other charming style homes, not too unlike the Shandon area, but enjoys a more attractive price point for buyers.

Call or email if you would like to know more about this Maple St. home as it's easy to show. Melrose Heights is very much a part of intown Columbia life and 3 to 5 minutes to anything downtown.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Birthday Weekend Fun And Relaxing

While many of our friends are at the beach, a sparse few of us found ourselves hangin' around Columbia for the holiday weekend. We'll be at the beach soon enough and with friends, Columbia is a fine place to celebrate.

Saturday night was a blast as a few of our friends met us in 5 Points for a great birthday dinner. We were having such a good time and laughing so hard, we decided to make it a late night and cruised to NightCaps. Turning 37 years old feels a little odd, but I can't think of a better way to have a birthday than being surrounded by friends.

On Sunday Jenn, Finley, and I watched the Wimbledon finals and then relaxed until the late afternoon BBQ began at the Hairstons on Blossom St. Five or six couples got together for some unreal ribs and fixins to celebrate The 4th of July. Of course, everyone was overly stuffed.

Even though we have a few tasks to perform at the office, Monday should be a fun and relaxing extension of the weekend. We'll see!!!