Monday, December 22, 2008

N.Y. Times Says Columbia is "Reeling"

New York Times Uses Columbia as National Model

On Monday, The New York Times used Columbia, SC as the perfect microcosm for the U.S. economy. >>The article is not good, and the headline is worse.

It's intent may or may not be true, but the timing and manner the article was written was absolutely unfair. There are numerous examples of sensationalism, and even more examples of clever writing. Here are a few.

1. "A Reeling South Carolina City." - Of course Columbia isn't perfect, but I wouldn't think we're "REELING." Not only is this not flattering in a world that needs some positive thinking, but The Times put this as it's HEADLINE. Not just a headline mind you, but this is what America saw on the front page and Above The Fold! Some of us in Columbia may not think this is a big deal, but this is arguably the most read newspaper on earth. Just think of seeing this on every little wooden shelf in EVERY Starbucks in America...just to start. Oooooooooof.

2. "This is now an unfortunate distinction. Some 533,000 jobs disappeared from the economy in November, the worst month since 1974." - The way this reads to the average American, is that Columbia lost 533,000 jobs. You have to read the paragraph a few times to realize that the writer (Peter Goodman) is talking about U.S. numbers. If you know Columbia, you know this isn't possible...but this is the way it reads and it's wreckless writing at best.

3. The first project Mr. Goodman cites is the "redevelopment of N. Main St., a bedraggled corridor of hard-luck retailers that lacks sidewalks in many spots, with exposed power lines dipping down to cracked pavement." - I'm shaking my head right now. Everyone knows that as N. Main St. is part of Columbia, it is not "Columbia, SC". Although Mr. Goodman has some positive thoughts later on, to lead off with this example is irresponsible.

I'm fine with The Times using Columbia as a snapshot of the U.S. economy. What I'm not fine with is the fact that he writes how crappy the U.S. economy is, then uses the most challenged parts of our city as its examples.

If you read the rather long article, it basically paints a picture of him in line at a job fair at the State Fairgrounds and in the back seat of a car, as he rides down North Main Street.

We'll see if anyone steps up and defends our Columbia, or if we let the New York Times describe us with this "drive by" reporting.
I happen to believe that if Columbia, South Carolina is the perfect microcosm of the U.S. as a whole, we're gonna be o.k.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Be Prudent, Not Proud... Lock In.

Compete With Your Current Rate, Not Your Buddy...

Below is a piece written on Facebook by a friend of mine, who's a lender at Wachovia. He pretty much hits what I've been telling people all week, right on the head.

I've been telling people all week that they need to call their lender and "lock in." Even if you don't refinance or buy a house, at least lock in (because rates are in the 4%'s for Pete sakes) and evaluate what's best for you after you study your situation. I've learned from my lender friends that if you have the opportunity to reduce your rate about 2%, then you need to look hard into refinancing your mortgage.

Oddly, interest rates have become a competition among our friends. You shouldn't look at it like this. Just because someone has a rate .o2% better than you, don't feel like a loser. If it saves you money, you're the winner either way. Don't act like a Day Trader and obsess about it every hour, so you can beat your friends rate. This is not the goal. The goal is for you to save money every month, or over time.

As you shop, remember too that you probably won't be in your house for 30 years. You have to inject this into your cost/benefit analysis.

Email or text me if you need a list of lenders. I have a great group of lender partners that can help you.

Read below. It's good advice... FJ

From Nathan Ballentine:
Many of you have called for advice and I figured for everyone that's called there may be several sitting at home unaware of what they can do right now to help them and their family in these uncertain times.

What's amazing is that some folks are now "upset" that they can "ONLY" get 4.875%! Worse yet, some folks are even breaking locks and leaving lenders high-and-dry because they can get .125% lower at another lender because rates moved lower after they locked. Don't get me started on that.

If you're sitting on 6% fixed or higher, give a lender a call. If you have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, give a lender a call. Sure, you can call me - it's my paying job at Wachovia Mortgage. If you don't call me, call SOMEONE.

Today alone, here's what some folks DID (and are doing at several places across the country):
(a) saving $100 - $300 a month
(b) dropping their rate but sending in the same payment and paying off loan 7 years earlier
(c) paying no money out of their pocket (rolling costs into new loan)

My advice:
1. Know approximate balance of what you owe, what your home is worth, and your credit score.
2. Be patient for a return call from your lender.
3. Have in mind "the rate" you want or "the payment savings" you want...and take action when you get that figure.
4. Don't spend all day shopping around. Every lender is busy and rates change frequently throughout the day. While you're shopping for that extra .125%, rates may go up.
5. Forget about it after you lock. Sure, rates may drop lower than your lock but my gosh...don't let a bird in the hand get away while you sit around waiting for two in the bush

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Auburn University Has a Problem

Reminds Me of Comments About USC's Strong
Below is a "Re-Blog" from a post from FitsNews. Fits is right when he says that Auburn has a public relations nightmare regarding their "non-hire."

I remember a few years ago when some of my buddies thought that Charlie Strong (former USC defensive coordinator), would never be the head coach of the Gamecocks because of the same issue. As I raised an eyebrow then, now Coach Strong is the defensive coordinator of the University of Florida...The team playing for the National Championship...AGAIN.

I know it's probably "not that simple" and that timing is everything, but I'm just thinking out loud here. Actually, I think Auburn had a knee jerk reaction to ONE bad season, and should have kept Tuberville.

If what my buddies said is true, the only reason the Gamecocks didn't experience what Auburn is going through is because USC had legends at the top (Holtz/Spurrier), instead of a coach with a 5-19 record.

Having said this, Coach Chizik can make it all go away. All he has to do is win. FJ

FitsNews - The University of Auburn and the Southeastern Conference are dealing with a public relations nightmare today after a highly-qualified African-American coach was passed over for the Tigers’ head coaching job, allegedly because he has a white wife.

Ordinarily we’re inclined to dismiss this sort of thing, but in this case it’s not just former Auburn standout Charles Barkley alleging racism at his Alma mater.

According to football writer Mark Schlabach, two SEC head football coaches told him that Buffalo’s Turner Gill would never get the Auburn job because he is married to a white woman.

You can watch that video report here.

Plus there’s the obvious question of qualifications.

Gill has transformed Buffalo’s football program from one of the nation’s worst to a bowl-eligible team in just three seasons. The Bulls won the Mid-American Championship this year, and in a twist of Alabama irony, he’s a finalist for the Paul “Bear” Bryant College Football Coach of the Year award.

Gene Chizik, the guy Auburn hired, went 5-19 in two seasons at Iowa State.

Hmmm …

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ummmmmm... WUT !????

I'm closing my laptop and going to the gym this very moment. Will blog later. Can't believe this picture.

Monday, December 15, 2008

600 N. King's Grant Dr. is For Sale

King's Grant House Hits Market This Week

This home boasts 3,570 sq. ft., has 4 or 5 bedrooms and is move in ready.

600 N. King's Grant has an open floor plan, granite/stainless kitchen and a large master suite. It also features an enormous screened porch, and a nice pool which now seems to be very much in demand. Further, it has an entire private bedroom suite that's "off" of the FROG. This room is perfect for guests as they can enjoy complete privacy.

From the street, this house is a little different from most in the neighborhood. I've heard more than once that it's a favorite KG house during Christmas time.

I'm proud to have it as part of my inventory. The home will be offered in the $600,000's.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

FJ Santa Visits Holiday Market '08

Some Kids Love Santa, Some Terrified...

This years Holiday Market was another big success. Kudo's to the Junior League of Columbia for kicking off another Christmas season in Columbia.

During the big week, I'm there many times. However, from Noon to 2pm on Saturday, I assume my duty and put on the big red suit. For two hours, I offer candy canes to everyone that comes through the front door.

It's quite an experiment to watch which children aggressively search for Santa, and which ones are incredibly passive. It's almost painful to watch the kids who are completely terrified by the sight of the red suit and beard.

Even though my jeans are drenched and my face itches, it's still a lot of fun. I'm flattered that The League extends the invitation.

I look forward to Holiday Market 2009. Maybe next year, the little fella in the 2nd picture above will warm up to FJ Santa. I sure hope so!!!

P.S. How cute is the little peanut in my left arm in the 1st pic?! :-)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Columbia's Newest Hotsheet

>>Click for Newest Listings; Nov. 21-Dec. 7, 2008

I know it's been a long time since I've posted the MLS's newest listings.

Since I bought an ad on Facebook regarding the Junior League's Holiday Market, I wanted to give it as much "blog time" as I could. Anyway, that's the reason for the lack of blog post's last week.

Thanks, and enjoy the latest Hotsheet info.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Market Starts Thursday

the Junior Leage of ColumbiaCatchphrase For the Week; "See You at Market!"

The vendors have arrived, decorations are up and parties are set for what proves to be another huge success for my favorite organization in the Midlands. Beginning Thursday 12/4/08, the Junior League of Columbia is ready for everyone to "Mix and Mingle" at their annual Holiday Market.

It's certainly "the place to be" in early December. It's also our best opportunity to support one of the (perhaps THE) hardest working, most philanthropic organizations in the Midlands. Further, it's fun to see people from all over South Carolina visit each other for the first time since last year's Market. I know Jenna and I will be there many times beginning on Wed. night (Preview Party).

Holiday Market is the trademark event for the Junior League of Columbia. These hard working women of our community deserve our support while they raise in excess of six figures from Thursday to Sunday. Of all of the sponsorship opportunities in the Midlands, this is my event of choice.

Click on the JLC logo above for schedules, info, etc.

See You at Market! :-)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Texting At Thanksgiving Table Pays Off

"Black Friday" Not Just For Storefront Retailers

Many small businesses tout the day after Thanksgiving serves as their biggest sales day of the year. In 2008, TeamFranklin gets to report the same results.

From Wednesday to Sunday, we closed a house in Wheeler Hill and put six "sides" together, as I spent the weekend at the beach with my family.

As One Rice Court closed on Wed, we had our listings on Wateree Ave., Westshire Ct., Hampton Leas Lane, and Pine Valley (not pictured) go "Under Contract" during the weekend. Three of the homes that are now "Pending" are pictured above.

Thanks to everyone that made this happen. Thank you for emailing and texting for information and counter offers, instead of having to speak on the phone. In all, we got it done.

You should have seen me texting/emailing under the Thanksgiving table. My grandmother and 15 others were a little perplexed with what I was doing, but it had to be done.

While all of this was going down, at least my wife was supportive. Now that Jenna understands the business, she was..."Let Him Use Those Thumbs!!!"

In all, I got in a little trouble. It was worth it. ;-)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dabo's Camp Tells Us He's the Coach

Click Banner For Dabo's (Clemson's) Football Camp.

As I was looking for pictures to put up tonight regarding the Clemson/Carolina game, I ran across Dabo Swinney's 2009 Football Camp website. Note... "2009."

Obviously, I'm not the greatest source to speak about this, but this is probably the best indication that I've seen, that Mr. Swinney has the job at Clemson.

On TV Saturday, it looked like Dabo Skywalker was slicing The Emporer with a big orange light saber. For more on this, I'll leave it to the pro's. >>Click Here For Article.

All I'm going to say is that at 7-5, the USC family is confused and reeling for answers. On the contrary, Clemson is 7-5 and ecstatic. Perhaps this signifies a turning point. I know it's not that easy, but still.

Congratulations Clemson fans. You have some real energy going into the '09 season.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sharp Gregg Park Home Hits Market

Gregg Park; Best New Home Neighborhood in 29206

387 Alexander Circle boasts a whopping 3,726 sq.ft, and has 5 BR's with 3.1 baths.

This Forest Acres home features everything you would expect in a new house; Semi-open plan, hardwoods, ultra high ceilings, granite, stainless appliances, large master suite and a huge screened porch complete with a built-in hot tub. Nice!

Gregg Park is one of Columbia's newer "high end" neighborhoods (one of a very few). Located on popular Forest Drive, Gregg Park's location is about convenience. Within the popular Forest Acres, it's less than a minute from I-77 and less than 30 seconds from Trenholm Plaza (arguably Columbia's most successful retail centers). You read correctly.... Gregg Park is a stone's throw from Starbucks, The Fresh Market, Bonefish Grille and 5 Guys Burgers. Location?!

It's also worth mentioning that Gregg Park has a clubhouse, tennis courts and a huge pond that fisherman can paddle around day and night.

The home sits on a lot that's in the back of the neighborhood, which backs up to popular Shady Lane.

The home is offered for $574,900. At $154/ft., this home is listed below market value. Call/Email/Text to set up a visit.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Guns 'N' Roses; Axl Rose Returns

Chinese Democracy Is Finally Here.
Michael Jackson invented the "music video," and moved the body like we'd never seen before. Crockett and Tubs were the coolest characters on TV. Magic and Larry won hearts and championships in their "loin shorts," and Tyson acted as the world's soul ripper.

While everyone was wearing their "Members Only" jackets, the baddest ass oddest sounding voice in a generation was screaming at us from our car speakers and boom boxes. Guns and Roses arrived, and we loved it.

The lead singer had a voice like you'd here in a nightmare, while the lead guitar looked like the nightmare. All said, when they put it all together...they were the coolest music makers out there.

Forward almost two decades. The culprit that ruined the band (Axl Rose), has finally brought the G'n'R brand back with Chinese Democracy.

I hope it's a great album. Rolling Stone is said to have given a glowing review, while the New York Times had less than stellar things to write.

Good luck Axl. Maybe you can bring back the magic that you had in the 80's and 90's. Either way, it's about time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Flip This House" Gets Flipped

Four Million Dollars; Not Bad Timing
Below is part of an article from The State, that speaks to the lawsuit Richard Davis won against the cable network A&E.

I'm not sure who's right or wrong here, but it seems to me that A&E got greedy with Mr. Davis's hit program, and decided to take the low road.

Richard Davis seems to be one of those fellows that can make things happen. I'm not saying this because he won a lawsuit. I'm giving him props for his ability to be able to "bob and weave" and "move and shake," to get in and out of a situation.

I'm not sure why the guy is compelling. Maybe it's because he doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but still makes things happen. Maybe it was the way he made it look like anyone could turn a POS (piece of s&^%), into a desirable home in 5 days.

I have to admit, the show made Mr. Davis look like freegin MacGyver of flipping (you remember the guy who could make a hammock out of thumping a piece of Juicy Fruit hooked to a paper clip). The differnce between the two is that Davis had $50,000 worth of work, and a $7000 budget (or whatever).

Whatever happened to the Montelongo's and the other house Flippin' House teams?
I've certainly sold my share of "flips" around Columbia, which made the series even more fun to watch. FJ

The State; CHARLESTON — A federal jury awarded a South Carolina real estate investor more than $4 million Wednesday in a dispute over profits from the reality television show “Flip This House.”

Charleston jurors deliberated five hours before awarding the money to Richard C. Davis, who created the show and appeared on its first season, The (Charleston) Post and Courier reported.

Davis, who runs the Trademark Properties Inc. real estate firm on James Island, sued after he said the cable network broke an oral agreement to split profits from the show.

A federal jury awarded a South Carolina real estate investor Richard C. Davis more than $4 million Wednesday in a dispute over profits from the reality television show “Flip This House.”

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Junior League's Preview Party Is Here

Two Days Left To Save On Tickets!

The ever popular Holiday Market Preview Party is about two weeks away. If you've been before, you know it's a great time and the official "kickoff" to the Christmas season in Columbia.

If you want to save a few bucks on tickets to the event, you need to purchase them before Nov. 15, 2008. Yes...that's Friday!

Whether you want to get discount pricing this week or pay at the door, I know I'll see most of you at the fairgrounds in a couple of weeks.

It's the "place to be" in early December. It's also everyone's best opportunity to support one of the (if not THE) hardest working, most philanthropic organizations in the midlands. I will certainly be there, and the now famous TEAMFRANKLIN wine cups (see above) will be floating around the building with pride.

The Holiday Market is the trademark event of The Junior League of Columbia. The hard working women of our community deserve our support the weekend of "The Market." Of all the fundraising opportunities in the midlands, this is my event of choice. Join me and support our Junior League.

I'll blog again as The Market approaches.

For info, go to . Get your tickets now and save some $$$...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shakeup in Local Real Estate Industry

Coldwell Banker United, Realtors Is Now The Largest Real Estate Firm In South Carolina
The State Newspaper - A mega-Midlands real estate firm is in the works as Coldwell Banker United, Realtors prepares to buy Century 21 Bob Capes.

The union announced this morning would create one of the largest real estate firms in the Columbia area. The deal should be completed by Friday.

Combined, the two companies will have with roughly 550 local real estate agents and eight local offices, the firms said. Coldwell and Century 21 managed to find positions for employees at both firms, but will consolidate eight offices that are near each other.

Columbia-based Russell & Jeffcoat has 571 local agents at 15 Midlands offices, CEO Ron Roe said.
Coldwell Banker is headquartered in College Station, Texas, but its chief of operations Jeff Wheeler is based in Columbia. The firm has offices throughout the Southeast.

Century 21 is owned locally and run by Jimmy Derrick.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

S.C. says "NO" to McCain, 8 Years Ago

Ironcially, Palmetto State Factors Into McCains Fate

I know you're saying, "What is Franklin talking about!? McCain won South Carolina!!!" I realize this.

The American presidency is not only about great candidates. The best man (person) at the time, often doesn't win the office. The key word here, is "timing."

Eight years ago, George W. Bush decided to run for the highest office in the land. In 2000, South Carolina's republican party chose the governor of Texas, over Senator McCain. We voted for the man we could see ourselves in a fishing boat with, rather than the former POW. In a heated battle, South Carolina was the springboard for George W. Bush, which set the stage that John McCain would never stand on.

Forward eight years later. Love him or despise him, President Bush is the biggest reason Sen. McCain didn't win this election. Enter, Senator Obama.

As I go though my email and look at my Facebook page, I see all sorts of anti-Obama thoughts. That's the problem in itself. McCain never had the masses FOR him. Many voters just were AGAINST Obama, which wasn't enough.

If we're happy with our eight years of Bush, then great. Having said this, if we really wanted Sen. McCain to be our president, it's mirror time in South Carolina...eight years removed.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Stand in Line, and Be Proud

It's the Least You Can Do...
We're all busy. We all have to cruise Target, hang at Starbucks or get a dog fluffed (or get the idea). Forget all of that. We ALL need to get in a line on Tuesday.

Being in a line Tuesday means something. It means that you at least care. It means that you've done your part, on election day. Whether you hate both candidates, or favor one with all your heart, it's your responsibility to vote.

If you're not standing in line for one of the candidates, stand there for George Washington. Stand there for Abraham Lincoln, or a great uncle who hid in a foxhole. Stand in line for college football. Stand there for the dirt that you have, or the small business you own. Stand there for freedom of religion, or womens rights. If you can't think of anything to stand in line for, stand there for your grandparents. They helped make the line possible.

Go get in line, and vote...

Reminder - Charge your cell phones!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shakin' Head, and LOL

County "Officials" Disagree w/ Local Headlines

Below are excerpts from an article in The State Newspaper, concerning complaints from taxpayers that their property tax bills are too high.

I've read headline after headline in The State, that home sales and property values have plummeted. Many times, the articles aren't so damning, but the headlines are sensationally negative. Since property taxes are directly related to value, homeowners are citing the negative headlines as their best argument for a lower tax bill.

Interesting that the last line I pasted below, is pretty much what we've been saying all along.

What I'm getting at is...all the sudden now that it's time to collect, "Home values in the midlands, have largely held steady" is the argument the counties are using to battle the residents arguments.

Hmmm.... I'm not blaming the counties at all, but maybe the counties could join together and ask The State to print in what "officials say" on the front page. FJ

Complaints soar that tax bills are too high


As this year’s property tax bills head to homeowners, taxpayers in metropolitan Columbia are starting to grumble that their taxes are too high because of depressed home values.

Tax bills in Richland, Lexington and Kershaw counties are based on property values determined from 2003 to 2006, county assessors and treasurers said Friday.
David Whetsell, 64, of Lexington County has repeatedly complained to the county about taxes being too high.

“If house prices are dropping nationwide, doesn’t that mean the house is worth less, so it needs to be reassessed at a lower value?” he asked.

The Answer: Home values in the Midlands have largely held steady in the face of plummeting prices across the nation, officials say.

Shakin' head, and LOL! FJ

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FireFly Vodka Gets Competition

Impostor Sweet Tea Vodka Hits Shelves
White Rock Distilleries, Inc is now producing and distributing their version of the hot selling flavor. The company from Lewiston, Maine has named it, "Sweet Carolina." I wonder if they even sell regular Sweet Tea up there. Hmmm.... Guess it doesn't matter.

We'll see if they can contend, or if FireFly can remain THE sweet tea vodka. I'm gonna predict that even though FireFly has been "liquid gold" for many restaurants and liquor stores, it's only a matter of time before one of the big boys (Smirnoff) puts a blend together. When/if this happens, they'll have it on every shelf in the world, in a matter of days.

We'll see if FireFly got their brand out fast enough, or had enough time for it to develop in the mind of the consumer. I just don't know if it's enjoyed enough market time (perhaps like Red Bull), to fend off copycats.

I've tried the "first to market" thing, too. When we were making mailbox flags, we were in a frantic push to be the first to market. There's no telling how far we could have taken the product. We didn't make zillions of dollars or anything, but it was fun to take a new invention/design to market. However, when Jenna and I decided I should get into real estate, I never looked back.

Nevertheless, FireFly has done a great job. They turned a new flavor, into a phenomenon.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another King's Grant Home Closed

209 Tombee Lane - Closed
This good lookin' King's Grant home boasts 3,251 sq.ft, 4 beds and 3.1 baths. The kitchen is less than two years old, and features all new cabinets, granite, appliances and a huge island in the middle with a bar for the kids. The entire downstairs floorplan is pretty awesome.

As the master is over the garage, the house has one of the largest master bath (area's) in King's Grant.

Tombee Lane is one of the less traveled "cut through" streets of the neighborhood. All of the lots are "interior," and always desireable.

The final price/ft. ended up being $167.33. We had to act fast on this one. Others are "sitting" on the market, while they watched us sell and close this one quickly.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Columbia, S.C. Ranks in Top 25

USC Not Ranked; Columbia Breaks Top 25.

Whether it's in Starbucks, Mr. Friendly's or over email, I'm regularly asked..."How's the market?" I almost always respond (shaking my head slowly, and pulling my hands off of my hips), "We're doing fine. We're doing regular business."

In it's November '08 issue, Smart Money Magazine (a Wall Street Journal Publication) focuses on 25 markets that are doing just fine, or ready to rebound.

The Headline reads; "HOME PRICES: NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS." This is great news for Columbia residents. The chart above points out that our 5 yr. price change is up 27.9%, and that our YTD Price Change is 1.7%. Notice that neither number has a (-) in front of it, nor is either number red in color.

The captions above are hard to decipher, but in the far right it speaks to Columbia's strong points. It reads; "Columbia, SC - Military, state government and university workers mix with an influx of retirees." I've probably blogged about this subject no less than 5 times. I've even received the nice comment, "Boooring." Nevertheless, if you're a seller in today's market, this is good stuff.

I realize that there are tons of FOR SALE signs out there. I also realize many Realtors are getting out of the business, because production is lacking. I also know some Realtors are having banner years, and that I am on pace to close 50 (+/-) homes this year.

Keep it up Columbia. "We don't boom, but we don't bust," is not just a spin job cliche. It's nice to see a national publication hand pick our market, as one that's holding steady.

If anyone at The State Newspaper is reading this, and would like to discuss this positive opportunity, I can be reached at 758.1669 or

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Winner; Joe the Plumber

McCain shifts Joe SixPack, to Hardworking Joe.

In tonights third and final yawner, Senator McCain tried to morph the mental picture of a "Joe SixPack," into a hardworking Joe. It worked. It worked for 'Joe the Plumber,' who is now a household name.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Below is the full conversation between Sen. Obama and the now immortalized 'Joe the Plumber.'

>>Click Here; Joe the Plumber Video in Full
The five minute exchange is worth watching, which is more than I can say for tonights doze'a'thon.

I bet a ba'jillion people clicked tonight, and tried to buy I have to admit, I thought about it. :-)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Clemson Loses; Fans Embarrassed

Clemson Fans Have Pride and Talent; Need Wins Now
Tiger fans are embarrassed. The blogs and chat rooms are going crazy. The status updates on Facebook are hilarious. In short, the latest losses at the hands of Maryland and Wake Forest, have Coach Bowden under serious fire.

I got this Text Message this morning; "Got a call this am. Bowden wants 2 kno if he can rake leaves this wknd. He good at gettn them in a pile but no idea what to do after that."

Well, half of coaching in big time college football is recruiting. Apparently, he's great at it as other coaches can't relate to today's high school athlete. Having said this, Clemson fans are now fed up with the inability to put it all together on game day. Clemson has some of the best talent in the country, but just can't seem to get it done on Saturdays (or Thursday nights). Even "Thunder & Lightning" are now known as "Fizzle and Drizzle."

As I've said before, I think Coach Bowden can do it. He just needs the "Step on their throat" attitude that the Jordan's & Tiger's of the world have. I recognize that he doesn't have THAT kind of killer spirit, but he can at least let his athletes be athletes.

C'mon Coach Bowden. You have real horses up there. Take your pack mule reigns off or your thoroughbred offense, and get hungry. Get the 35 year old fire in the belly again, and smash the rest of the ACC by 35 a game.