Monday, October 31, 2011

New Listing Hits Market @ King's Grant

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of putting King's Grant's newest listing on Columbia's latest MLS Hotsheet. I'm sure glad about it, too, as all our other inventory in the neighborhood has sold.

As we've represented some great product in King's Grant this year, I'm not sure they've been on as popular of a street as Foot Point Rd. Further, 18 Foot Point is part of the stretch of lots that back up to the thick, wooded area of Fort Jackson.

"Foot Point" has many things to offer, including 5 or 6 big bedrooms, an open floor plan, and soaring ceilings. "Foot Point's" kitchen opens nicely into the great room, which flows into a large screened porch, which is perfect for entertaining.

As nice as many of the homes in King's Grant are, the two things that set this one apart are lot location and the oasis backyard... complete with a pool! I'm not sure of the percentage of homeowners that have a pool, but from experience I feel like the number is pretty low. In short, this is a pretty primo feature that's compounded exponentially given the privacy of the lot.

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about this stately King's Grant home, please call or email or .

Come see!

Thank you!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Knowledge/Teamwork = Happy Friends

In the world of residential real estate sales, days like today are pretty tough to beat. It's not often when we get to watch a transaction come full circle, then, via networking, teamwork, and loyalty, loop around again.

Consider this. Our awesome friends and clients, pictured above (obviously), purchased a home from my team manager, Amy, and I a few years ago. Fast forwarding to 2011, a few weeks ago, we facilitated the listing and sale of the same Cannon St. (Shandon) home. Fast forward to today... Seth and Anna purchased a house Amanda and I listed, not too many blocks away.

Wait, there's more. Amanda and I listed and sold the same house a few months ago to a contractor/builder client, who with the help & vision from Anna, produced the polished home we closed on today. In Realtor speak, that's seven real estate "sides."

To be clear, I'm not typing to boast about the real estate transaction sides or the volume. The reason for this post is to illustrate how unreal the power that client loyalty, market knowledge/info, and teamwork can produce. If any of these three facets weren't present, Seth and Anna would still be looking for a house, and would therefore have missed the opportunity to sell theirs.

Congratulations to Seth and Anna Rose, Evan Wilson, Amanda, and Amy, all the way around. Today was a perfect microcosm of how buying and selling can work in today's real estate world.

P.S. Seth is the County Councilman for much of 29205. If you don't know him, or have his email or # on hand, give us a call and we'll get it to you. He wouldn't have it any other way!

P.S.S. In her time away from the pharmacy, Anna's taste and touch has transformed an otherwise great house, to magazine level. #Impressed

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We're A Complete Starbucks Family :)

Starbucks is the best at a lot of things, including packaging nourishment to a milk-less home on the way to a little girl's school house.

Finley and I would like to thank the incredibly-skilled Garner's Ferry Rd. Starbucks Barrista for serving up this perfectly-chilled, tall, no shot, no room, no squirt, no sprinkle, double spun, classic, quin-double shot cup of milk.

While in the parking lot, Finley helped pour the contents in the pic above into an opaque pink & blue sippy-cup. The little things are the best things.

Thank you, Starbucks! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Foot Point @ King's Grant, Hits Market

Monday morning, we'll place another beautiful home on Columbia's MLS Hotsheet. The address is 18 Foot Point, and is sure to hit the market with fun anticipation.

If you haven't noticed, there haven't been a lot of $500,000+ product to hit Columbia's real estate market in the last few weeks. To be quite frank about it, I'm not sure why....but that's ok. That said, I'm proud to introduce another King's Grant home to Columbia's marketplace.

Oddly, for the first time in 4ish years, I'm out of King's Grant inventory. Your first reaction may be, "... Must be the ecomomy." I can understand this initial reaction. However, it's quite the contrary. Instead of typing the pharse, "Out of inventory," perhaps I should have typed "Sold Out!" :-)

I'm not sure about this, but 2011 may be my best year in the popular neighborhood. So far, we've recorded five "sides" in King's Grant. Not too shabby! Hopefully 18 Foot Point will be #6 and/or #7.

18 Foot Point is a well appointed, all brick home in "the back" of the neighborhood. I'll post more info (and pics) after it's listed, but some highlights of the property are: 1) Master down. 2) It backs up to Fort Jackson (major privacy). 3) Private pool. In short.... Yummy.

If you or anyone you know would like to take a peek @ the newest home for sale in King's Grant, please call or email or .

Thank you!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shandon Sales Have Really Cranked Up

All Three Sales/Pics Above Are Of Wilmot Ave., 29205
I'm not sure what's going on with this, but Amanda and I are going gang busters in Shandon right now. For instance, we were only a few hours away from having three homes on Wilmot Avenue Under Contract, simultaneously.

Fast forward one week, two of the three homes pictured above have Closed, with the top pic (the cedar-shake house) ready for inspections Friday afternoon.

Today we had the pleasure of closing 4243 Wilmot Ave. (the one with the red door). After battling through some issues with the closing/occupation date, our Seller worked hard to 'make it happen.' After all was said and done, the property is in pristine condition, and ready for the new happy owner.

Since the beginning of 2011, Amanda and I have really racked it up in Shandon, almost oddly so. Our action on Wilmot Ave. has become a fun micro illustration of our 'Shandon run.'

As many of you know, in real estate, "You're only as good as your last sale." This said, it's up to us to keep this roll going in the popular 29205 neighborhood.

Sales numbers notwithstanding, we love Shandon, and all it has to offer. Looking forward, we're determined to keep the pressure up, and keep our buyers and sellers churning the best we know how.

Thank you to all Shandon'istas, and a special 'Shout Out' to WILMOT AVENUE!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

O-Fensive E-Fence...Now On D-Fence.

While I haven't had too much time for the news this week, I feel compelled to type on something that caught my ear this morning on "Morning Joe, and kept popping up throughout the day.

What's the big whoop, you ask? Herman Cain's idea/joke to put a fence between the Texas - Mexican border.

Let me be clear. I don't pretend to be any expert regarding immigration, or border control. Further, I don't pretend to be a fence expert, either.

Disclaimers disclosed,... I'm not sure what the big deal is.

The other day, at a campaign stop in Tennessee, Cain said, “We’re going to have a real fence. 20 feet high with barbed wire. Electrified. With a sign on the other side that says, ‘It can kill you!’ ”

If it's the "...kill you," part, I can understand how that may be pretty rough talk. But let's think about this. If the sign says it, in English and Spanish, whether true or not, shouldn't it be taken seriously, and therefore the point? I mean, is the stupid fence supposed to keep folks out or not? If no, should we just erect a picket fence? If this is the case, will an illegal alien build the fence, and whitewash it, too? I mean, really....

Since all the hubub of an apparently slow news week, Mr. Cain has attempted to spin his fence thoughts as, "a joke."

Bu-dump, bump, for Mr. Cain...on both ends. Instead of saying, "It was a joke," Mr. Cain probably should have said something more on the lines of, "I'm sorry for the way that came out. I just want to build a strong and effective fence."

I mean really, is a fence supposed to properly work, or not? I can see where the sign should read, "DANGER" or, "KEEP OUT," or, "COULD CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY." Further thinking on the subject, but given our litigious society an, "It Can Kill You" sign, protects the U.S. on the front end from someone, or another government from filing suit against the United States. Kidding here, but wouldn't that be the ultimate disclaimer...??

Again, I'm certainly not weighing in on any immigration issue. I'm simply putting a thought out there whereby if someone builds a fence, should it work as intended, or should it just be a symbolic diplomatic gesture?

Really and trully, how effective is this plan, anyway? All folks have to do is put a heavy rock on the gas pedal of a massive bulldozer to wreak havoc on any fence. Or, further, just set up a 20' "A" ladder, and take a nice hop to 'freedom.' Further still, for convenience sake, why not just roll up a nice shiny 22' escalator...?

In short, C'mon Man...

Monday, October 17, 2011

USC Can Still Do It. Lattimore Would...

Gamecocks Can Rally Around Loss of Superstar
Around 2:30ish, while I was holding an Open House @ my listing on Kilbourne Rd., a visitor shared the news about Marcus Lattimore being lost for the remainder of USC's football season. My first reaction was, "Holy crap. Wow, the air just let out of this city." Second reaction: "I wonder how he's taking it." While I didn't mean anything terrible by the order of my thoughts, I felt a little guilty about it.

That said, given the statement from Lattimore's family, I think the young man's going to be OK. I also think the Gamecocks still have a chance to grab the precious SEC East title. Now that the Gamecocks have gotten this far, and lost to Auburn anyway, USC still continues to hold its own future, with only UGA nipping at our heels. Given that UT and UF are having down years, and the Gators forced to play under the Sandstorm @ Williams-Brice, USC can pick up the needed "W's." We'll see.

I have no idea where the pic above derived. My best guess is it's from the running back's days in high school. I chose it because it's a good illustration of what's to come for USC's young hero. Further, it's a pretty good illustration that major college sports isn't just showing up, putting on a slick Under Armour uniform, and running really fast while 84,000 fans chant your name. It's hard work, and crazy preparation. Marcus Lattimore is about to go through major preparation, and I just felt like the pic shows he's up for it.

I don't mean to post this for negative purposes. Quite the contrary, in fact. Carolina football has major athletic talent, and can slick & power through this setback, if they decide to.

Either way, we'll be @ Williams-Brice...or a parking lot near by.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Downtown Columbia's MLS Closings

Cola's Downtown Transactions: Sept. 1 - Oct. 10, 2011
This report of the closed transactions has a little bit of everything. A few Shandon properties, a few in Forest Acres, two in King's Grant, and even a few condos at Williams-Brice popped in the last month or so. There are about 75 houses on the list.

Interestingly, a home behind the VA Hospital closed for a head turning $830,000 (Chimney Hill - Hampton Crest Estates).

Have fun browsing!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stephen Garcia's Carnival Is Over @ USC

If you live in Columbia, SC, you're well aware that the South Carolina State Fair is rolling into town. What you didn't know was coming, however, was a more bizarre and wacky sideshow from the guys that perform across the street @ Williams-Brice.

Today, GamecockNation was all abuzz about the video of Coach Spurrier calling out (w/o actually calling out) Ron Morris of The State Newspaper for fabricating the news and being an overall poop on Spurrier's program. In all of this, Spurrier walked out on his own presser... twice.

Eclipsing the Spurrier vs. Morris affair, however, was the dismissal of 5th year senior Gamecock quarterback, Stephen Garcia. The quarterback was stripped of his duties as a football player for failing an alcohol and/or drug test. Unfortunately for Garcia, the alcohol/drug test came not long after the fella lost his grandfather, threw a crazy number of interceptions on national TV, was blamed for the loss to Auburn (1st loss of this season), and lost the starting job he won (back) in USC's first game.

The moment the news regarding Garcia was announced, the Twittersphere and Facebook went nut balls. In the name of space and time, I cherry picked a couple of Tweets. While I don't think either of them are perfect statements, I have to admit to having shared these fleeting thoughts:

@5daybender @USCMark2001 bottom line is big time programs don't have these shenanigans in the middle of the season #embarrassed
@ToddKincannon @fitsnews And you know, some guys need liquor and whores to succeed. Tiger. Joe Namath. Maybe Garcia's in that category.

When it comes to flat out quarterbacking, Garcia leaves USC as #3 all time for yards and completions. He'll leave #2 in the "WIN" category, with 20 (I think these stats are correct).

Years ago, I blogged that Garcia was the man for the job. At the time, Beecher and Smelley just didn't have the spark or spunk that Garcia seemed to have. Turns out, that was right. Also turns out that there's just a little too much off-field spunk to mess with.

Godspeed, Stephen Garcia. Nice wins, 5+ suspensions, terrible bowl performances, and an unreal 2010 season dot your legacy at Carolina. As you connect the dots moving forward, we all hope you'll represent your Alma mater well in future endeavors.

Now that USC's #1 sideshow has exited the tent, the State Fair can get back to providing Columbia with the bizarre and weird stuff. The Gamecocks in the meantime, hopefully, can get back to X's, O's, and W's.

Monday, October 10, 2011

All This in Shandon Proper @ $199,900

215 Sloan St, 29205, is a Shandon Opportunity
Monday morning, this classic Shandon home will hit the MLS Hotsheet with a new "move it" asking price. At $199,900, this updated, three bedroom house is certain to fetch some serious online eyeballs.

With a peek at the pics above, and attached, I'd challenge anyone to find a more slammin' kitchen and living area at this price level, or even the next, in Shandon, SC.

In the last few months, Amanda and I have experienced nice success in Shandon. I'll save the examples for another blog post, but I have to admit, our Shandon action is turning some heads. For instance, as of tomorrow we may have three homes Under Contract on Wilmot Ave. alone. I'm typing this to report that Shandon inventory is moving, and at this price level, Sloan St. should be considered by anyone looking downtown in the $200K range.

If you, or anyone you know, wants to be in this popular downtown Columbia neighborhood, please call or email or

I'm not sellin', I'm simply tellin'... this is a an opportunity to live in one of Columbia's most popular neighborhoods at an affordable price level. Be sure to check out all the features that 215 Sloan offers. Thank you!

This home is move-in ready and waiting for its new owner. I'm looking forward to a great new neighbor!

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Fella Named Steve Changed Our Times

As much of the world publicly acknowledges the life/death of Steve Jobs, most of them immediately associate him with the impressive and superior products of iPad and iPhone. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's incorrect to think this. iPads and iPhones are the devices in millions of hands right now. If you take a few steps back, however, it is even more impressive to think of all this man did and how he changed the world.

For instance, take a good look at the picture above. Think back to the first time you held a floppy disk in your hand. Remember DOS? Remember when we had to punch the arrow buttons on the keyboard to get anywhere on the computer screen? Now, take a look at pic again and notice the "mice," and reflect on how much we are on the computer each day.

Jobs didn't just change the computer industry. His iTunes/iPod blew up the music industry and and all the components that go with it, like Henry Ford vaporized the stagecoach of the transportation industry.

Fast forward to the iPhone and iPad. Really and truly, I challenge anyone to find a more superior product in any product category. Cars, shoes, watches, finger nail clippers, sandwich meat, or whatever you can think of, there are few products/brands that are so far ahead of others (in their prime) in their respective categories. Jordan, Tiger, Federer, and Starbucks come to mind. Premium & superlative; Apple.

As I posted before, I fought and fought the idea of joining the iWorld, when in the end, I purchased an iPhone. For some reason, I acted as though Apple was equal to Darth Vader. Stupe on my part.

I like to describe the iPhone as a tight, smooth, brilliant machine with a screen that looks like a rainbow of chrome, with a little melted butter on top to fluidly swipe and pinch. It's just that fine of a product.

To get back to the point, the man in the pic above changed the world more than once. I mean, how impressive is that? Who knows how the world would operate today without this man's vision and work.

We can't help but ask ourselves, "What could be next after things that are as cool as an iPad??" Who knows. Time travel? Traveling hologrammed clones? Maybe Finley and her friends will do a little morphing? We'll see!

In the meantime, however, we're able to perform and experience the coolest and most mind-blowing things because of a fella named Steve, and his Apple.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Downtown Columbia's MLS Hotsheet!

Columbia, SC's Newest Listings: September 2011
This edition of the downtown Columbia, SC HotSheet offers some good product. While not many homes in the top tier price level hit the market this month, there are a lot of solid properties that are new to the market in the more affordable level.

Of if you'd like to be on the HotSheet, or if you see something you may want to peek.

Thank you!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Florida GOP Is Diluting Itself.....IMO

In an effort to feel more important, Florida Republicans are desperately trying to move ahead of South Carolina, as the 'First in the South' primary date. If you're even a little "political," you know that the great state of Florida is attempting to 'move up' its Republican event to a January date.

On the surface, this seems like a perfect marketing/PR move. Breaking the thin layer of the shiny grapefruit, however, exposes the bitter taste of what's really there.

1) In politics, a week is a lifetime. Think of it. One segment on Meet The Press, Newt Gingrich is "done." Michelle Bachmann won the front-runner position after the Iowa Straw Poll, and presently doesn't matter (and neither does the Iowa Straw Poll). Today, front-runner Rick Perry has been exposed for having a hunt club/camp (or whatever it is) named something pretty terrible. To be sure, a shift is on the way.

The stock market, Congressional climate, entire American economy, oil/gold prices, and everything else in the world can change, change back, and change back again in a few months time. In short, the candidates and the world around them, and how they react to the world, are continually evolving. That said, while the world rotates, Florida's votes will have been cast, with old news being the factor.

2) Florida holds a beastly amount of votes. While Florida jostles to be first, it does so at the peril of half their power. The RNC has threatened to strip Florida of half their votes if they decide to go against Party rules. Apparently, Florida R's don't care.

3) This seems to be an example of, "It's more about us, not country." Am I too naive or sanctimonious to think everyone else doesn't do it? No. I'm simply saying this is another example of it. Doesn't feel very Tea Party'ish.

Sure, the candidates, their staff, and the press will flock to the Florida sunshine and spend money on hamburgers, vodka, and hotel rooms. That said, these folks will come and go in swift fashion and then forget about Boca, Orlando, and Tallahassee. Will it be worth it? For an economy as big as Florida's, I don't think so. In my bias, Florida would be better served swinging its elbows in the heat of the campaign, not on the front end only to be forgotten about.

Being a South Carolinian, I may be typing with a little bias. With this in mind, I have to remind folks that South Carolina is a better microcosm of the true South, with far less electoral power. The difference between Florida being first, and South Carolina being first, is an entirely different thing. Florida being first is a waste of Florida's population power, especially with the penalty coming from the RNC (50%). Conversely, it's a big deal for the Palmetto State.

So brothers and sisters of Florida, you want to break rank and be first? Go ahead. Have fun for a couple of weeks. Have fun, too, being irrelevant for the rest of the primary season.