Monday, November 23, 2009

Cool USC-Clemson Mixer on Monday

A Night with the Stars Brain Injury Awareness Event
USC vs Clemson Week is kicking off with a great event Monday night. Palmetto state recruiting icon Clyde Wrenn and family are bringing out the Gamecock/Tiger legends to thank the medical staffs of Palmetto Health Hospitals for the work they do.

The rivalry between the two schools is exciting but what makes it fun is that South Carolina is a small state and each fan base knows each other very well. "Mixer" fan events like this make it even better.

Join us Monday as we support the awesome staff at Palmetto Health and have fun with some of our states all-time football personalities.
Join us for a night of fun in honor of the surgeons, doctors and nurses of Palmetto Health Richland Hospitals Trauma Unit at Seawells Restaurant (former site of the Tally-Ho, Columbia, SC) on November 23, 2009 from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. with George Rogers, Jeff Grantz, Harold Green, Ryan Brewer, Corey Miller, Danny Ford, Ed McDaniel, Steve Fuller, Chris Gardocki and Jeff Davis (other former college and professional players and coaches will also be attending as guests).

Each guest will receive,Food, Drinks (Alcohol Included), Autographs from the Stars, (Picture Poster of the Stars Included), Pictures with the Players and Coaches, Prizes, Auctions, Music and Stories from the Stars (Cameras will be permitted).

$100.00 per Guest; Make checks payable to, “A Night with the Stars”

Mail to:Carolina Clemson Week - ATTN: Julie Felker 200 Steeple Drive, Columbia, SC 29229

For additional information or questions or to pay by credit card, contact Clyde Wrenn at (803) 463-5667, Tracy Huddleston at or stop by Sweet Olive in I’on (Mt Pleasant, SC)

Thank you for your support,

The Wrenn Family and Friends

Meet friends and talk FOOTBALL!

(Business Casual Attire please)

Friday, November 20, 2009

League Members Spring Into Action

Townes Gives Great Interview About Attempted Theft
I've seen first hand what the women of the Junior League of Columbia are capable of. Year after year, I continue to be impressed with their extraordinary projects and efforts. These women give their time, talents and treasures to make good things happen throughout our community. Once again, members of the League went beyond the call of duty.

In case you haven't heard, two young boys chose to steal the "donation bottle" from Junior League volunteers that were working to raise awareness and money at Wednesday's Harvest Hope Diaper Drive. These young boys chose the wrong group to steal from.

I'm not exactly sure how much money was in the bottle. If I know these women it wouldn't matter. The members of the League are proud of what they do no matter the monetary amount.

Every year these women raise dollar amounts well into six figures for different projects throughout the Midlands. As impressive as the dollar amount is, the real pride are the thousands upon thousands of woman hours that are contributed throughout each year.

What should make readers and supporters even more proud is the fact that Junior League veterans are out there with the newer members attempting to make things happen. The fact that JLC President Townes Denemark was present and Shannon Pooser (reportedly the one chasing in the car) was involved speaks volumes.

Good for the women of the Junior League of Columbia. This is only another reason why I contend this organization is perhaps the best philanthropic organization in South Carolina.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Millions Lost in Real Estate Boondoggle

What Would Williams-Brice or Death Valley Sell For?
The first three times I read the number I didn't see what the big deal was. When it finally registered in my brain I jumped out of the kitchen to look for the nearest laptop. The $$$ they received for this building is absolute insanity and a terrible example of someone missing the mark.

Things will get worse if the entity that financed the Silverdome receives any federal stimulus money as a result of this financial boondoggle.

As far as selling price goes, this is almost like Williams-Brice or Death Valley selling for roughly the same amount as a 4 bedroom house in King's Grant, Heathwood or Shandon. FJ

From Zillow Tweet - Last month, it was announced the Pontiac Silverdome would be auctioned off. The auction happened and the winning bid was… drum roll, please… $583,000.


Right, not a typo folks — $583,000 for an 80,31-seat sports arena, on 127 acres in Detroit!

According to the Detroit Free Press, the winning bidder is someone from Toronto who has plans for an indoor soccer team.

The clincher of this story?

In 2005, suburban developers offered nearly $20 million for the Silverdome, but the deal fell apart as the city delayed taking the offer. And last year, a $17.5-million plan to turn it into a horse racetrack, hotel and conference center also fell through.

Too bad Detroit’s city execs failed to remember the mantra about the first offer being the best offer.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Godson Has 1st Birthday Party

To Me... Reid Denemark is Kind of a Big Deal
There are many opportunities in life that afford a person a sense of flattery, pride and humbleness. To be asked to be a godparent of another couples child is a moment that makes a person take a few steps back and take a look at a larger picture.

Happy Birthday to my godson Reid Denemark! Reid is one year old this week and is one of those magnetic kids that every person, young and old, loves to be around.

Reid is a happy fella that has the whole world in front of him. He is a happy one year old and fortunate to be surrounded by people that absolutely adore him. He greets almost everyone with wide eyes and one of the cutest smiles anyone has ever seen.

With this kid you don't have to be a godparent to want to teach him to kick a ball or go cat fishing. He's just that infectious.

Reid and Finley are destined to be BF's for years to come. I'm sure he recognized how much we enjoyed his birthday party tonight. Happy Birthday, Reid!! :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rain is Perfect for Home Inspections

Inclement Weather Can Reveal True Conditions
During my career I've learned quite a few things that aid both buyers and sellers. Today's rain afforded me the opportunity to put one of these tips to work.

I represent the buyer on a pending sale in Forest Acres of which, we scheduled the general home inspection for Wednesday afternoon. This morning the buyer asked, "Since its raining, should we reschedule the inspection?" My answer was a quick, "No sir."

Having a home inspection during a rain can expose things that are going on with the home that an inspector can't see during a perfect sunny day. Water intrusion and saturation can be a big deal and if the inspector can take pictures of a small stream or new puddle under a house, it can be a powerful bargaining tool. If a house sits on a slope it can be particularly valuable for the inspector to watch the water flow in the crawl space or basement. Just last month we witnessed enough water flow to request the installation of a french drain. The seller obliged.

Home inspections certainly don't have to be done during a rainy day as the trained eye usually see signs of moisture in the attic and/or below the house. It's simply more of a slam dunk piece of evidence when a photo is taken of a drippy leak, growing puddle or overly mushy yard.

Sellers probably shouldn't worry too much as they have to fill out a Property Disclosure Statement anyway. Rainy days simply make it easier to prove something is going on should there be a problem.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Congrats to the Womens Soccer Team

When in school at Carolina I remember people speaking about the women's soccer team as a start up venture. Some folks even referred to the program as a step above an intramural league. Obviously, this wasn't a huge a huge concern as anyone would expect a new program to experience a slow start. Oh how far we've come!

Congratulations to Shelley and Jamie Smith! The coaches of the women's soccer team have vaulted the team into the nations elite and brought home a conference championship.

I've had the pleasure of knowing the Smith's rather well and I can report that they're some of the nicest people in all of Columbia. I can report too that their passion for the success of their team runs deep.

I don't know too many couples that work together professionally. Personally speaking, my wife and I will quickly admit that we probably wouldn't comfortably succeed in a professional partnership. Team Smith is able to make it work, and then some.

Way to go Shelley and Jamie! You and your team have taken USC women's soccer to the next level. Good luck in the NCAA's!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tax Credit Passes in a D.C. Blowout

Tax Credits Benefit Millions of U.S. Buyers/Workers
On Wednesday the US Senate approved a bill to extend and expand the home buyer tax credit by a count of 98-0. Today the House of Representatives approved the same measures by a vote of 403-12. The new law is to provide tax credits until the middle of 2010.

I must admit that this takes some of the pressure off of 1st time home buyers. There has been an absolute flurry of activity to hurry to try to close on a new home before the November deadline. These anxious buyers can now at least take a breath.

The credits are powerful tools for buyers and sellers, but that's not all. Buyers and sellers notwithstanding, millions of Americans will be directly affected by the law. To name a few - Builders, Realtors, home inspectors, general contractors, roofers, termite companies, HVAC companies/inspectors, foundation specialists, brick layers, credit unions, closing attorneys, title agents, painters, flooring companies, drywall installers, hardy-plank makers/installers, deck builders, window companies, pressure washers, landscapers, ditch diggers, mtg. lenders, insurance agents, surveyors, appraisers, mill workers, foresters, loggers, haulers, moving companies, storage facilities, machine companies, framers, furniture manufacturers/stores, appliance manufacturer/retailers, tile people, Lowe's, Target, Home Depot, concrete/asphalt layers, etc. are all beneficiaries.

President Obama is expected to sign the bill, if he hasn't already. As exemplified by the vote count in the halls of Congress, this is apparently a home run piece of legislation.

Monday, November 2, 2009

King's Grant Takes Holiday Seriously

Halloween is on a Different Level in King's Grant
King's Grant is an all around fun community. The pool, tennis courts and walking trails are only a small part of what makes this a great place to live and visit. One facet that makes KG so fun is Halloween night.

I don't know this for sure but I'll bet there's between 50 and 75 golf carts buzzing around the "loop" and various cul-de-sacs. The groups of kids act as human obstacle course as the golf carts attempt to wind through all the costumes. The kids that aren't going door to door or standing in the street (teenagers) are most likely cruising around on of a few hay rides that are going on.

Smoke is oozing from front doors and big screen TV's/projectors are pulled into driveways so everyone can catch the Gamecocks (hate to mention this). There are probably more parties going on at more houses here than any other day of the year.

I wish I had some pictures but it was dark and the only camera I had was my phone. Boooo...

to King's Grant for another great event. I don't ever mean to over exaggerate anything but Halloween in King's Grant is a pretty fun night.