Thursday, February 3, 2011

Popping String Makes My Teeth Grit

Shop Loyal/Local: Todd & Moore Takes Care Of Us
Outside the everyday hustle and grind (and fun) of the real estate business, there are a couple of things that make me grit my teeth and say, "Really?... Really." One, which drives me bat crazy, is Columbia's red light system. The other, is when I pop my strings.

It's hard enough to find someone that can hit balls when I can go (late), and even more difficult to find an open court with lights. When these logistics are finally worked out, and a good sweat is on the cusp, there's nothing more frustrating (other than rain) than hearing my strings pop. Uggh.

This all said, thank goodness for Todd & Moore. As frustrating as popping strings can be, Columbia players know they can take their wounded weapon to the good people at Todd & Moore. More often than not, we can be hitting balls again by day's end.

I snapped this pic around 9:30 AM. Later that same day, I was bangin' on the Mays Park wall.

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Matt said...

I'm with you on broken tennis strings and the Columbia red light system. Especially the red light on Gervais and Main that is a NO RIGHT TURN ON RED EVEN WHEN THE LANE NEXT TO YOU HAS A GREEN... Really?.. Really?? So, all the cars are going from my direction, but I still can't turn right?