Friday, March 27, 2009

BFF's Travel To New Mangia-Mangia

King's Grant & Shandon Crew Venture Out
If you're a friend of a Howie, Jones, Denemark, Stivers, Craven or Pooser on Facebook, you've seen this picture a few times already. Well...we had such a good time the other night, I thought I could at least throw it up on the blog.

A few nights ago someone suggested we hit the new Mangia-Mangia in Northeast Columbia for dinner. Apparently, it was a good night for babysitters!

I usually don't stray away from my regular spots like Mr. Friendly's, MoMo's or Za's, but it was fun to branch out to Mangia for a night.

There are three great restaurants that sprinkle the I-20 corridor of Northeast Columbia. Solstice and Travinia's are favorite's off of Clemson Rd. The new Mangia-Mangia is off of Spears Creek Church Rd. which is the immediate next exit.

With this group good stories and fun debates make for a great matter the venue.

As a side note I ordered a pizza. I'll do it again.

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