Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Pink Turkey Loves To Eat Her Feet

If you've been around me lately you're aware that I've affectionately nicknamed Finley "My Pink Turkey." Throw in some southern accent with a tinch of exaggeration and "Pank Toorkie" is a more accurate description.

Finleys constantly pulling her feet up so she can suck on her toes. When she's all wet from a bath she swings those feet up and I swear she looks like a shiny pink, slick Butterball turkey. It's pretty funny.

Next time we have a bath I'll try to snap a better image of the whole situation. It can be quite a sight.

As all new parents we're having a big time with our sweetheart. Before we had a name for her I went around town calling her "Twitter" but right now she's daddy's little "Pink Turkey."

These are good times... :)

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